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Crypto Bull Society

Crypto Bull Society

Together, we build a brand and movement that transcends the physical and digital worlds. Our globally diverse community of professionals is the collective identity of the Crypto Bull Society.

Checkout our Crypto Bear collection at: https://opensea.io/collection/crypto-bears-by-cbs

Run with us. #Be…

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Crypto Bull Society
Crypto Bull Society flokimusk#2599


So, our last LinkedIn page was kicked because I set it up under a fake name:


First Name: Crypto Bull

Last Name: Society

So we had to take two and setup another one…

For all you mfers wanting to see my pretty face and find out about the man behind the Floki…. go hit us up!


@everyone show us some love with a follow and let's get hot on the largest professional networking platform on the planet!

Let's bring some new people to Web3!


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Crypto Bull Society
Crypto Bull Society flokimusk#2599


Impromptu event today with Proof / Moonbirds to watch their FutureProof event LIVE from Elysium!

We are still in test mode and we will be streaming a YouTube LIVE stream so bear with us if there are any technical challenges!

There will also hopefully be the opportunity for LIVE voice chat, so please be respectful to others and keep yourself on mute when not speaking. Let's keep text chat to the Discord server here for today please 🙂

If you choose to join, please remember, you are representing the Crypto Bull Society brand and family. We have a unique opportunity here to host some folks from another Community and I are involved in, so I trust @everyone will be on their best behaviour! ❤️


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Crypto Bull Society
Crypto Bull Society flokimusk#2599

Merch sneak 🅿️ eek… that is all folks 🔥

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Crypto Bull Society
Crypto Bull Society flokimusk#2599

Welcome to #Elysium 🪅🌈

Sound on 🎵 #legendary

Blow up those ❤️ s, Retweets and Tags1


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Crypto Bull Society
Crypto Bull Society flokimusk#2599

The Final Chapter…for now 👀

The game shuts off, and the wall begins to open for the pair. The wall gives way to space just large enough for he and Bodi to squeeze through. Samson smiles, tugs on Bodi, and enters the light.

The pair find themselves in a large room packed to the brim with Bulls and Bears in a sort of subculture attire he’d never seen. The room was filled with flashing-colored lights, vibrant music and spirits.

What stood out to Sampson the most was the vine leading to the other side of the room, to an empty black space with blue digital lines weaved into a shape of the tree unlike anything the pair had witnessed.

“What’s in there?” Sampson asked the large Bull standing in front of the digital lines of black space.

“The only known remaining Cosmic Tree”, the large bull responds. Samson was shocked by his response.

He recalled hearing of the Cosmic Tree being a gateway to Elysium when he was young and thought it all fiction. It was a story his parents had shared with him, where Elysium was sort of parallel plane; another realm where creation was limited to the extent of one’s imagination

It was an “Island dreamscape, community and culture; divine and inspired”, Samson’s father said.

“Anything you imagine, anywhere, you can be taken”, the large bull says.

“Can I try?”, Samson asks excitedly.

They both wondered about the name, the Crypto Bull Society, but the Bull seemed to let them in, assuming they were a part of the Society. With intrigue and excitement, the duo approached the Cosmic Tree.

“Full access for any member of the Crypto Bull Society. Go ahead!”

Before Samson could take his first step, the large bull spots the herb in Bodi’s hands.

"Oh, before you go” said the large bull as he quickly grabbed the herb from Bodi. Samson looked at the large bull, who immediately crumbled the large herb, rolled and lit the new cigar.

“For the trip!” said the large bull as he handed it to Samson.

Samson took a drag, and immediately realized it was no cigar. An enjoyable calm happiness settled in. Samson share’s the joint with Bodi. Bodi puffs and giggles briefly before feeling the same enjoyable sensation

Without hesitation, Bodi the Bear and Sampson the Bull enter. They immediately feel a rush like they’re sliding down a large water slide and feel their minds swirl into electricity before ending up in a blank gray canvas.

Where did they end up?

Welcome to Elysium ⚒ 🧘


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Crypto Bull Society
Crypto Bull Society flokimusk#2599

Chapter 4

As they moved closer, the music was now interlaced with their spirits, and it became immediately clear that what they were looking at was not Samson’s lucky coin. The shimmering light and hypnotizing music was coming from a small crack in a vibrantly decorated wall.

The wall was covered in art, script and other decorative colors. In the cracks between the wall and the ground of the alley, grew an herb with a pungent tropical smell.

In the center of the wall was a retro arcade console, covered in colorful graffiti, with “Crypto Bull Society” in the Marquee… The shimmering light and lively music that Samson and Bodi were attracted to, were beyond this wall.

Samson approached the arcade cabinet intending to move it but it wouldn’t budge. Samson pondered how he could get beyond this wall. Pressing the buttons and moving the joystick seemed to have no effect. He looked down and noticed his coin lying flat in front of the arcade cabinet.

It had rolled right through the alley and had stopped by the vine of the tropical herb, just short of the door. Samson quickly picks up his coin and pulls out the budding herb, handing it to Bodi who immediately inspects it.

As he held the coin, staring at it, his focus caught a service door with a tiny coin slot just underneath the control panel of the cabinet. Cautiously, Samson inserts the coin into the coin slot, immediately bringing the machine and all its wonderous lights and sounds to life!

“Welcome to Crypto Bull Society,” read the first screen.

Within a few seconds, a second screen came into focus, “Enter Crypto Bull Society?" or “Play the Game?”

Samson's persistent efforts to get beyond the wall hadn't diminished, while Bodi, now intrigued to play a game on a retro arcade console, begged Samson to comply.
Samson refocused his efforts on the screen and clicked, "Enter Crypto Bull Society"… 👀


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Crypto Bull Society
Crypto Bull Society BullDuck#6123

From now on we are going to work with volunteers to work as community moderators for our project, people can fill out this form and we will read them and get back to people that we feel would be a good fit in our team to work as a community moderator. Our former mods are still in the server but wont be as active as they used to be, one is getting back to college and one has a partime job somewhere else, but they are still a part off this community, so i wanna thank both and for their awesome job they did for us and hope they will stay with us for ever!! @everyone


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Crypto Bull Society
Crypto Bull Society flokimusk#2599





Shoutout and purchase from etoro.eth 🔥

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Crypto Bull Society
Crypto Bull Society flokimusk#2599

Chapter 3

Samson, joined by his Bearish companion Bodi, were out on their usual midday walk through Pyramis. Bodi was a black bear, and best friend to Samson. The Ying to Samson’s Yang; alike and different in many ways. Bodi’s playful, often more reserved and prudent demeanor was a perfect complement to Samson’s more Bullish approach. They were the type of friends that could “Dish it out” to each other, with playful jabs and banter, without skipping a beat. When Samson would go high, Bodi would counter low.

At this time of day, Pyramis was bustling with noise. The streets active with vehicles, and the sidewalks crowded. None of this affected Samson as he casually walked through the crowd, cigar in mouth, flipping his lucky coin in hand, deep in thought, with Bodi close behind.

Knowing Samson so well, Bodi got the feeling that something was on Samson’s mind. Midway through the city block, Samson and Bodi are walking when suddenly, a Bull walking towards Samson bumps into him. Mid-coin flip, Samson loses control of his lucky coin and cigar.

He and Bodi look around for a moment. Samson turns to a dimly lit alley between two towering buildings. The shine of his coin, reflecting the sun, briefly catches his eye as he stares at the coin rolling into the darkest part of the alley way.

Samson begins to walk into alley, but not before looking back to signal Bodi to follow. As they step into the alley way, the bustling noise of Pyramis almost immediately fades away with the darkness.

In the distance, a small shimmering light becomes apparent, and the faint sounds of music can be heard. Samson and Bodi wonder where these vivacious sounds were coming from. Focusing back on the shimmer in the distance, thinking this shimmer was Samson’s coin…

The pair continue to walk closer. With each step, the music grew louder. As the music grew louder, their curiosity grew with it, until it was overtaken by a lively, spirited feeling the pair were now drawn to… 👀

To be continued…

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Crypto Bull Society
Crypto Bull Society flokimusk#2599

Come on @everyone!!

1 last day to get us over the line and your chance to WIN A CRYPTO BULL AND CRYPTO BEAR NFT!!


Let's fuckin GO!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🚀🚀


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Crypto Bull Society
Crypto Bull Society flokimusk#2599

What the hell is going on here? 👀

@everyone get on and raid it!

NFT projects don't become successful by themselves! Community is the centre of all things Web3.

The team is working their a$$ off to deliver sick $hit for you all and we're losing a goddammit Tiwtter poll!

GTFO and vote! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

I'll drop another sneak peek of merch once you smash this! LFG!


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Crypto Bull Society
Crypto Bull Society flokimusk#2599

The story continues…

Samson was a copper-colored bull in the prime of his affluent life. Brazen and fashionable; a bull that stood tall and walked with a carefree swagger. A model of success that many Bulls & Bears alike revered.

Samson seemed confident, a great life, “Bullish” as some would say. But to the naked eye, Samson’s spirit yearned for more. He was a self-made wealthy Bull, who had grown fatigued of the hustle and bustle of the city.

Pyramis had long become mundane in his eyes. A far cry from the world the early “Crypto Bulls” envisioned it be. Day in, and day out, the apathy of Pyramis and Samson grew, suppressing the creative spirit within him that desired what the original founding members of Pyramis sought to create. A city as unique as the artistry that weaved throughout its walls, buildings and streets. A Society made up of like-minded members, spirited, too vibey for the confines of the current world…

A flourishing ecosystem to gather and build together. He’d heard all the tales, read all the old texts of Pyramis’ infancy and learned of the wonders that were created. Or at least, he thought he did…


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Crypto Bull Society
Crypto Bull Society flokimusk#2599

Raid that mfers https://twitter.com/CryptoBullNFT/status/1560189621635616768?s=20&t=829pdWH-wUh2L5o2wa_Q

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Crypto Bull Society
Crypto Bull Society flokimusk#2599

And so it begins…

Pyramis is a city constructed from many types of metal, weaved with concrete to create a one-of-a-kind, bustling centre. A visual spectacle. The populace is largely made up of Bulls, who migrated years ago after hearing tales of wealth that could be made by harvesting the different elements that were located around the city itself.

While back then, many lifeforms decided to try their luck, it was the Bulls who used their hard heads and horns to crack through the various metals, selling them to become rich beyond their dreams!

While other groups such as the Bears, were able to reap the rewards of these early developers, it didn’t come with the same ease as the Bulls. Meaning, the Bulls became the wealthiest of all!

Originally, the Bulls built the city to allow anyone who lived there to have freedom of self-expression. It was full of excitement, independent thought, opportunity, and artistry. On sides of buildings were sculptures and paintings. Music filled the streets; the air was light

Every bull had a sense of individualized high fashion, the Bulls were pushing any and every way to live how they wanted to live while generating wealth doing what they love. Like most things, this evolved over time…

As the city grew, focus on enterprise and wealth steadily increased alongside the previous ethos of the earliest settlers. Pyramis had become a melting pot of sorts, inclusive of creatives, trades workers, corporations and enterprising individuals and groups, to name a few.

Younger generations of Bulls and Bears would come to find their place in this new world. For some, Pyramis left them with a desire for more…

To be continued…



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Crypto Bull Society
Crypto Bull Society flokimusk#2599

Elysium - Metaverse Pods

Legendary Pod, who dis?


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Crypto Bull Society
Crypto Bull Society flokimusk#2599

@everyone Premiering NOW!

Get to know one of our partners and the King of Cannabis !

They call him the “Doc” of Oni Seed Co, also the man behind Donald KeyDick Farms and countless other cannabis ventures and well known brands throughout the years. This interview was a motivational playbook to entrepreneurs and canna businessmen based on the trials and tribulations we speak about and overcoming massive constant solving of problems throughout daily business. The “Doc” In this podcast really shows his professional mindset and conveys it well through non stop execution of goals we speak about. The motivation level was so high after the conversation even as a host of the show We were locked in and it was a conversation that could have lasted twice as long. A conversation that's not to be missed! Welcome “DOC” to First Smoke of the Day!

If you weren't already bullish, strap the F*CK in! 🔥


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Crypto Bull Society
Crypto Bull Society flokimusk#2599


Twitter Spaces with starting in 3 minutes!


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Crypto Bull Society
Crypto Bull Society BullDrover_Musk [FOUNDER]#2458

Lore and holder’s role in it is just FCKING exciting! Opens the door for so many ideas going forward that I can’t wait! Seen it, and loved it!

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Crypto Bull Society
Crypto Bull Society flokimusk#2599

Update Alert

Culture - Storyline & Lore

Genesis storyline and lore is complete and will be dropping very shortly!

Stay tuned @everyone to follow the journey and see how you will play a special role in its development!

Culture - Cannabis

Our very own , the King of Cannabis, was interviewed by First Smoke of the Day.

The podcast will be published this week so keep an eye out for the upcoming announcement to learn more about the mogul behind our Cannabis business!

Elysium - Metaverse Pods

Mint date has been locked in with OnCyber!

Final date to be confirmed with our devs and published in the coming week or so!

Elysium Launch Party itinerary is being finalised and the date will also be published shortly. We are PUMPED to show you all what we have created! 🔥

Culture - Community (Cognac )

Don't forget to join our upcoming Twitter Space today with to talk all things alcohol @ !

Set your reminders now and <3, RT and Comment to get those engagement levels UP!! https://twitter.com/CryptoBullNFT/status/1558184067673329666?s=20&t=V9Cn47OxQup64x_LWgpj3g

Fashion - Merch

Designs completed for the first merch drop! 🔥

We are sticking to our core principles and producing green eco-friendly and high quality clothing, made in LA baby!

Sneak peeks will be posted in… ah fck it…. here goes! 👀


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Crypto Bull Society
Crypto Bull Society Chris88#8548

Hey @everyone!

Our amazing friend and the Boring Security Team just gave us a few additional spots for their Security Course 101 course tomorrow morning (CT/EST). If you are interested in leveling up your knowledge/skills in security within the NFT/Crypto Space or looking for a refresher course. Each student should walk away from this class knowing more about:

1) Wallets and Seed Phrase Security

2) Operational Security and Risk Mitigation

3) Common Scams and how to avoid them

WiiMee: https://twitter.com/Wii_Mee
Matt Borchert https://twitter.com/mattborchert

This course will last roughly 90 minutes including a quiz and questions at the end. And of course, participants will be eligible to claim a Boring Security 101 ERC-1155 NFT, free of charge (just pay gas) and get access to the Boring Security DAO alumni channel!

As the class is limited to 35 participants, we will have a raffle via Premint.

Class Date:


Password: Partner101

Go sign up and good luck!

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