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Evaverse is a free-to-play video game for gamers and NFT collectors to compete, own, and socialize in an immersive world. Evaverse is built by Battlebound, a web3 gaming studio founded by AAA developers from Riot Games, Blizzard, and Ubisoft and funded by a16z.


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Evaverse battlebound#0


Hello @everyone for those celebrating US holidays we hope you had a great Thanksgiving and an awesome weekend for everyone else! We have over 1K sign ups on the playtest doc and a lot of new faces checking out Project A! 🔥

Project A is designed to be played with friends - we added a referral question to the playtest sign up. If you share the link (below) with friends and they add your discord name, we'll ensure you all get keys to play together! 🤝

Sign Up Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1HmszwjfB36n3Kf9ll9c6iqj1HSgsHwNB1Z2V-bkxC1k/viewform?edit_requested=true
(if you've already signed up - there's no need to sign up again it won't get you in faster)

We're going to be slow rolling invites starting this week specifically geared towards testing development features. Our goal is to have everyone who wants to able to playtest by the end of the year. We're currently wrapping up a big performance overhaul to ensure players have a smooth gameplay experience during the mode. Here's a snapshot of the current state of the game and what you can expect when testing.

We're so excited to see what you think of the team's efforts this year, and get your thoughts on how to shape the future of this game!

o It's currently PvE but we plan to introduce PvP in the future.
o The current build features a ~12 min Journey - series of PvE encounters that escalate in difficulty, culminating in a boss battle with the Corrupt Cactophant.
o After each encounter you gain XP which makes your creatures stronger upon leveling, and every level you can select from 3 rogue-like power ups.
o There's 5 creatures, each with a unique special abilities, passives, and a movement ability.
o Movement abilities are the only ability types that cannot be auto-casted by the auto-battler. They are high impact spells and each creature has a unique mechanic for navigating the battlefield.

We have a handful of features we plan to ship by end of year, including queuing with friends, scalable difficulty/leaderboards, and our sixth creature (The Mole)

Ruin is the essence of unstable elemental magic. We're trying to decide between a fire/ice turtle mage that can switch heads and cast fire/ice spells or a electrical chain lightning spitting toad. Which creatures do you want to see next?

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Evaverse battlebound#0


Hey we have a brand new trailer for Project A showcasing the Journey gameplay and boss fight! We're also launching closed playtest groups for those of you excited about playing and helping shape the direction for Project A.

You have all have been patient with us through this pivot and building a new game from scratch this year and we'd like to extend the opportunity for you all to be first to play Project A. We won't share this video or sign ups outside of discord for a few days and we'll give priority to the players who sign up first in the next couple days.

This is a chance to play live with the devs and give direct feedback on the game itself and the direction. We genuinely want to hear what you think at this early stage and will be ramping up more tests throughout the end of the year. You can use the form below to sign up.

We looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the game! Thank you @everyone

Playtest Sign-Ups:

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Evaverse battlebound#0


We're back with a ton of progress this month on Project A. Here's a video showing off some of the boss battle with the Corrupt Cactophant!

We're preparing for this first closed alpha test by putting the finishing touches together, squashing the remaining bugs, and tuning the game performance. We've significantly improved the hybrid auto-battler system and made the AI intelligent enough to cast spells and position itself on the player's behalf. We've got the new character fully integrated and animated and have done a complete SFX pass on the game. We have 5 playable creatures to summon with unique kits and abilities a full art pass on the environment.

We also have the concept for our newest ranged might creature -a shot-putting boulder mole. We're wrapping up this 3D model and will be implementing it soon!

Once the alpha build is locked, we'll be inviting those of you who are interested in trying it out to play and share your thoughts with the team.


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Evaverse battlebound#0


Hey @everyone - We want to share an update on Project A gameplay. In the video, you can see the start of a Journey with the first encounter. Each encounter gives the player bonuses and power-ups for their creatures and gets progressively more challenging. Each creature has unique movement and special abilities that will evolve throughout a Journey . We now have the core combat mechanics in place and are working on balance, tuning, and polishing the moment-to-moment and strategic decision-making you and your team will make together.

The target experience is for a cooperative 3-player Journey with each player having 2 creatures. The types of creatures and choices you make along the way and during the auto-battler combat will significantly impact how far along you'll get into the Journey and at what difficulty level you can complete. The higher the difficulty, the better the rewards will be.

We know updates have been slower over the past few months. We've been laser-focused on getting Project A off the ground and into the state it's in now. We will continue to polish the core mechanics as we begin larger rounds of playtests and competitions. You all have been incredibly patient with us as we've shifted gears this year, and your patience is greatly appreciated. We would love your thoughts on Project A gameplay and your genuine feedback on the direction of the game.

We'll be ramping up testing in the near future. More on this to come.

Thanks everyone!

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Evaverse battlebound#0


Hey @everyone we're back with a little preview of what's cooking here on the dev team. We're sprinting towards our goal of the first playable Journey, culminating in an epic boss fight. We finished the character rig, initial animation sets, and first-pass VFX. There's still a long way to go, but we wanted to share a preview of the direction we're moving in and a snapshot of what the team has accomplished over the past few weeks. We want Project A to surprise and delight you all when the time comes. The team has been working incredibly hard to hit our vision of building a truly unique hybrid auto-battler experience unlike anything else in the space.

Here's what we've completed in the past few weeks.

Updated combat UI and UX improvements
Players can equip custom abilities for their Creatures
Bloom Avatar low poly character and weapon model + textures
Boss animation set
Animated Creature icons in the UI
Power tuning and combat balance pass (doesn't include boss)
Audio pass on all abilities and Foley
Refactor of Creature AI movement + Polish
Dynamic and responsive grass system that reacts to movement + spells
Level + Experience System for clearing encounters

Here's what we're working to complete in the next month:

🛠️ Final Boss Encounter with unique custom abilities + cinematic opening
🛠️ Enemy AI casting abilities during combat
🛠️ Bloom avatar fully integrated with custom animations
🛠️ First pass art visual update on the Journey map
🛠️ Rogue-like power progression system called Artifacts
🛠️ Multiple Servers and Matchmaking for simultaneous play sessions
🛠️ 2nd Pass entire game audio

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Evaverse battlebound#0


We hope everyone is having a great week so far! We want to share another gameplay update with you all. We've made a lot of progress on combat, abilities, and overall game mode structure as we work towards our September playtest milestone. This video showcases some of the recent combat updates and polish. Every creature in Project A has a unique movement and traversal ability which is core to their playstyle and identity. The two you are seeing in the video are called Jump Scare and Frequent Flier.

🎃 Jump Scare: With a quick flash from its bulbs the Terror Creature teleports to its destination fearing enemies in close range for 1 second. (Fear component - work in progress)

✈️ Frequent Flier: Flies to the target location at with 200% Movespeed. The Radiant Creature gains Swiftness based on distance traveled, the farther it flies the more Swiftness it gains. 5% Min 25% Max for 4 seconds after landing.
Swiftness is the stat that increases attack speed and movement speed.

Here are some of the other systems the team is currently working on.

🛠️ Specialized Traversal abilities for each Creature (as seen in the video)
🛠️ Boss combat abilities, animations, and encounter design
🛠️ Creature leveling, battle rewards, and power progression
🛠️ Swappable Creature abilities so you can change your build mid run
🛠️New Player Avatar rig and eventually animation set
🛠️Battle Encounter Rewards UI/UX
🛠️SFX for everything in-game

Combat is beginning to shape up nicely and we're super excited to start gathering feedback and sentiment from the community as we move into a more active playtest cycle in the coming months!

Have a great week -

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Evaverse battlebound#0


Hey @everyone we want to give you an update on the development of Project A and share the first sneak peek of our first playable avatar! Player Characters in Project A are essentially like summoners. They draw their powers from the same source creatures do, the essences in the world of Project A. This first-player character is based on the Bloom essence, indicative of nature, healing, support, and CC mechanics. The essence of your summoner will play a big role in determining your playstyle, team synergies, and build path in Project A. We aim to have the character model finished and fully textured by the end of this month.

Over the past few months, development has focused on core combat mechanics. We've laid a strong technical foundation to build upon leveraging new tools, AI, and systems needed when building Evaverse. We're pushing to significantly elevate the overall feel, pacing, and fun factor in Project A. We're beginning to shift our focus to the core game mode, known as Journeys. Journeys combine rogue-like progression and strategic team building in a multiplayer COOP adventure ranging from 15-30 mins. Each Journey culminates in fighting a boss, which, if completed, rewards will be distributed according to difficulty level and performance.

There's still much more depth, details, progression, and strategy we're packing into a play experience, and we'll share more of those as we get further along. We're targeting September to ramp up the first external playtests and will be sharing sign-up links later this month for those of you who would like to be the first ones to play and help shape the game's direction.

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Evaverse battlebound#0


Hey happy Monday everyone! We're back with another update for Project A. This one is specifically geared around the first boss encounter we're building. We've just finished the model and texture for the Cactaphant aka [Insert Better Name Here] Creature! 🌵

The first playable of Project A will include a series of battles leading up to taking down this creature. Here's the overview of the encounter from the game design team illustrating the abilities and how we're going to be structuring the battle. We're currently working on rigging and animating the model and will be running prototype tests on a proxy version of the boss later this week!

🐘 Basic Ability - Tusk Swipe - 2s Swing Time - Close range Frontal cleave (90 degree) that deals 200 physical damage

🐘 Special Ability 1 - Harden Spine Shield - Instant Cast - Gains a shield with 700 Health. Basic Abilities that hit Cactaphant cause 50 physical damage to the attacker, lasts for a total of 15 second or until the shield is broken. If the shield remains when Poison Flowers is cast then the Flowers gain the thorns effect for their duration.

🐘 Special Ability 2 - Poison Flowers - 1s Cast Time - Cactaphant spawns flowers which create areas of pink gas after 3 seconds which deal 50 magic damage per second while the flowers are alive. Flowers have 500 Health or last for 15 seconds. If all three flowers are destroyed the boss takes 750 damage and is stunned for 3 seconds.

🐘 Special Ability 3 - Trample - 2s Cast Time - Cactaphant targets a random Creature and moves slightly backwards over 2 seconds and charges forward dealing 500 physical damage and stunning all Creatures hit for 3 seconds. If a Creature is hit by Trample Cactaphant gains 50% increased damage for 15 seconds.

🐘 Special Ability 4 - Spray Sand - 5s Cast Time - Sprays sand in a frontal 30 degree cone covering a total of 180 degrees over 5 seconds dealing 250 magic damage and blinding Creatures hit for 3 seconds

We'll have plenty more to share as this MVP prototype begins to take shape. We're aiming for mid September to have the whole thing polished up and ready to show off!

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Evaverse battlebound#0


Hey everyone, I hope you've had a wonderful past few weeks! It's been a bit longer since our previous update, but our team's been plowing straight ahead with new features and tech for Project A. We aim to share more significant updates on development and highlight the ability system today. We have completed the system that allows players to dictate when and how abilities get cast during combat and added damage indicators. Unlike most auto battlers, Project A has a hybrid component where you can aim and coordinate with your team to cast abilities.

Here are first round of spells we have built so far!

Invigorate: Gain 500 Health for 12 seconds and heal for 15% Health over 5 seconds
Bursting Seeds: Heal an ally for 250 over 5 seconds, after the duration the seed detonates healing all allies within close range for 500
Rend and Tear: Deal 200 Damage to enemies in close range and cause them to bleed for 25 Damage every second for 6 seconds
Poison Bolt: (Projectile) Deal 60 Damage over 3 seconds
Poisonous Lash: Deal 250 Damage over 5 seconds to all enemies in a line to far range
Thorns: Grant an ally thorns that cause 25 Damage to enemies who hit the ally with a Basic Ability last for 6 seconds
Magma Pool: (Targeted AoE) Create a pool of lava at a target location dealing 75 Damage per second, last for 6 seconds
Radiant Beam: (Channel) Cast a beam in the targeted direction healing allies for 100 every second and dealing 50 damage to enemies every second for 5 seconds or until the channel is stopped
Engulfing Darkness: (Targeted AoE) Deal 10 Damage in an area every second and pull all enemies towards the center of the ability while they remain inside, lasts for 3 seconds
Earthgrab: Deal 150 Damage and Root all enemies and self in place for 4 seconds
Debilitating Bite: Deal 100 Damage and stun the target for 4 seconds
Silence Zone: (Targeted AoE) Deal 100 Damage in an area and Silence all enemies inside for 5 seconds
Blinding Flash: Blind all enemies within midrange for 4 seconds
Chaotic Fire: (Homing) Cast a fireball at a random target dealing 500 damage
Radiant Bolt: (Projectile) Deal 40 Damage to enemies and Heal allies for 20. Can hit a maximum of 2 targets
Evasion: Gain 75% Dodge for 5 seconds (incoming Basic Abilities have a 75% to miss)
Ferocity: Increase Basic Ability speed by 2x for 4 seconds
Vampiric Bite: Deal 300 Damage and Heal for 200
Ground Smash: Deal 100 Damage to all enemies in close range and reduce their movement speed by 50% for 6 seconds
Noxious Cloud: (Targeted AoE) Enemies within the cloud deal 50% reduced damage and have 50% reduced movement speed, last for 6 seconds

We're still early in the prototype stages so the design and art of everything you see will continue to evolve. Our primary focus is not on the visuals or the player avatar, but on the core creature combat and multiplayer systems as we work towards the first playable version later this year! We've also begun production on the first boss battle and will have plenty to share as we make progress there!

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Evaverse damos#5320


Hello everyone! We're back with another video showcasing development progress over the past couple weeks on Project A! 🎮

Here's a list of the features we've built since our last update ✅
What's currently in flight and being worked on by the team ✈️
What's on the horizon that we'll be starting in the coming months 🌞

✅ Swappable creature skins
✅ New Squid creature animation sets
✅ Ranged Abilities
✅ AI Kiting behavior for ranged creatures
✅ Basic Attack Combat System
✅ Lots of Multiplayer Systems Development

✈️Creature Combat Stats
✈️Combat Effects (Stuns/Snares/Buffs/Debuffs/Bleeds)
✈️New Creature Rig + Animations
✈️Combat Targeting System for Multiplayer Play
✈️Camera Polish
✈️Environment Art Polish
✈️New Creature Concepts
✈️Economy/Monetization Design

🌞Weapons Design
🌞Game mode infrastructure
🌞Matchmaking Servers
🌞Boss Battles and AI encounters
🌞New 3D avatar models
🌞Community Playtests

We're making great development process and look forward to sharing more exciting updates as the combat systems take shape and we move towards early playtests with those that would like to play a role in shaping the development of the game.

Have a great week!! -

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Evaverse damos#5320

Hello and Happy Monday!

We trust you're off to a fantastic start to the week. We're eager to bring you up to speed with some exciting updates for Project A! 🎮

As we gear up towards the exciting milestone in August - the first external playtests our team is laser focused. We've been building new combat mechanics, creature ability kits, and animations and fine-tuning the AI behavior. We've successfully introduced the first four creatures into our game, and we're busy putting the final touches on the model for the 5th creature. Check out the video below showing some initial explorations on environment art and the world of Project A! 🐾

Though we're still in the early stages of the development process, we're making notable strides toward crafting a fun, engaging, and replay-able game experience. This will bring a fresh take to the creature collecting IPs. We even have some additional resources joining our team in the coming weeks, all set to help us build Project A into an incredible game! 🛠️

Stay tuned!! We're committed to making Project A a remarkable journey for all of us together! 🎉

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Evaverse damos#5320


Hello, everyone! We have some exciting updates for Project A our creature collecting game! 🔥

🆕New Creature Reveal
Say hello to our newest creature addition! Although this animation test is a single creature, these squid inspired creatures always travel in groups of 3. The design and art teams are creating a 3 in 1 creature design kit that will work together to dominate battles in Project A. Once the final rig is complete we'll have a lot more fun animations to share as we get them in-game.

We've already started development on our fourth creature, bringing even more diversity and depth to Project A combat.

🏗️First External Playtest
We're working towards our next big milestone, which will be the first external playtest of Project A. We're targeting August to have 4 creatures, the MVP of the core game loop, called Journeys, and plenty of unique and swappable abilities for each creature. The focus of this test is on "finding the fun" and testing the core combat mechanics. Our goal is to ensure each creature has its unique identity and skills, adding strategic depth and tons of fun to Project A.

As always, thank you for your patience and support as Project A begins to take shape! 🚀💥

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Evaverse damos#5320

Hey @everyone happy Friday!!!

Check out the new 3d models of our second Project A creature from the Terror Essence. We're working on getting this guy rigged and animated into the game for next week and are beginning to create the third creature, which is of the bloom essence!


We're also super pumped to share that @​Slynejob and @​elebelly have been promoted to Game Designer and Senior Character Artist! These are the first promotions we've had as a studio as they approach their 1 year anniversaries. Slynejob has been doing an insane job on the game design of Project A and laying out a great core game loop that we're building towards now, referencing rogue-like, MOBA, and RPG genres into a new hybrid auto-battler format. Elebelly has been killing it on the 3d modeling front, knocking out these creatures. As Project A takes shape, we aim to have one of the best-looking (and playing) creature-collecting IPs on the market.

Have a great weekend!

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Evaverse damos#5320

We have a video this week showcasing some updates to the combat prototype for Project A! We've added the following features which you'll see in the video below

o We've added new melee attack animations to the first fennec fox creature.
o Created the ability system to cast spells from the UI
o Created a ranged creature and the ability to cast projectiles and keep distance from opponents
o Added name plate UI to see the creatures names during combat.

We're working on finishing up the character model for the second variation of the fennec fox creature from the Terror Essence and will be getting that rigged and in-game next week along with more UI and combat animation polish. We're also starting to building out the weapon systems that will evolve over the course of a play session granting the players additional powers to choose from as they explore the world of Project A.

Have a great weekend @everyone 🔥

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Evaverse damos#5320

Hey @everyone happy Friday!

We have another video update to share! The team has been working hard on getting feature parity in Unreal Engine as we move towards playtesting Project A internally. We had our first test of the back-end server architecture this week, and we'll be quickly moving toward combat testing. We've added a few new systems, including a selectable creature UI, a combat camera, and a first-pass ability system.

We also want to share some early game design direction for Project A, including the types of NFTs players will collect! When we began the pivot to Project A, we needed to know precisely the core game loop and what kind of rewards and items players would collect and earn within the game. We now have a strong direction we're building towards that includes a variety of on-chain assets, mainly Avatars, Creatures, Weapons, and Abilities. Here's a brief introduction to these systems within Project A.

Creatures are the primary type of collection in Project A. Each creature will have unique ability slots, passives, a unique array of types, and genetics, giving it power, rarity, and collectability. In Project A, you can mint creatures as NFTs, which will significantly augment your playstyles and cooperative combat strategies. Each creature will fight alongside your teammate's roster of creatures, summoned by your avatar. With creatures having vastly unique abilities and strengths, building a strong collection of creatures will be the key to success in the game.

Weapons NFTs will be used to summon your creature in battle. Throughout a single play session, your weapon will evolve, giving you choices to tailor your build, power curve, and playstyle to your choosing. As you collect weapons, you can upgrade and improve them to make them even more powerful. Each weapon will have unique DNA that dictates the types of evolutions it can undertake. You will be able to reroll the DNA of the weapons you collect. In-game battles will require strategy and skill, so having a good collection of weapons will be crucial.

Ability NFTs will give your creatures special powers that can be used in battle. These include healing abilities, speed boosts, or ranged attacks, tanks, executes, buffs, and debuffs. Like weapons, abilities will come in different rarities and can be upgraded over time. Players will collect abilities through the world of Project A and be able to dynamically equip them on creatures, swap them around, and augment them as battles progress.

Avatars NFTs are the playable characters that wield power to summon creatures at will in Project A. Every avatar can explore the world and collect creatures; the unique differentiators will be primarily cosmetic. This will allow players to collect and customize their character's appearance in the game. There will be various avatars to collect, each with its unique look and style. Collecting and upgrading Avatars will allow you to stand out in the game and show off your style.

We know these will be the 4 primary classes of NFTs within the game. As we develop, we'll create various entry points for our Evaverse holders to burn their NFTs in exchange for comparable rarity of Project A's NFTs. There are a lot more details and content to flesh out, and we're going to do much deeper dives into the game design in the future, but we're very excited about the direction and potential to create a brand new collectible experience in web3.

Have a great weekend!

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Evaverse damos#5320


This week, we have a brief update showing off some of our in-game prototype progress in Unreal Engine. We're learning much new tech and making significant headway getting the prototype up in Unreal.

This video showcases creature spawning and basic combat mechanics are properly networked through Unreal's multiplayer development framework.

The next steps are getting new placeholder creatures into the game, having the first multiplayer internal team playtests, and setting up the back-end server architecture that will ultimately scale to support the whole game.

As we progress, we'll share more notable updates on the game development and investment round.

Have a great week

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Evaverse damos#5320

Hard to believe we're halfway through April already! Our dev team is currently in the middle of a RnD stage as we explore new technology to build Project A. We're mainly focused on Unreal Engine and porting the prototype work over. It's not super flashy but we're leaning new tools that are important part of the game development process.

Here's a snapshot of what the focus is across the dev disciplines.

🎨 Art team is focused on procedural modeling and texturing tools like SpeedTree and Substance Designer to build out foliage and environments at scale in Unreal.

🗺️ Design is building out core gameplay loop, progression models, abilities, stats systems, and monetization strategies across the product.

🧑‍💻 Engineering is learning Unreals C++ and scripting architecture and gameplay abilities system components to determine the best way to develop the foundational tech for Project A.

On the studio side we're actively meeting with investors discussing the mechanics and core vision of Project A. We have over 20 conversations in flight, and reception so far has been very positive! 💎

We've also attached a video showing some of the stylized VFX explorations the team is working on. Have a great week @everyone!

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Evaverse damos#5320

Happy Monday @everyone


We're excited to share with you a combat prototype video for Project A, which showcases high-level gameplay as a proof of concept. Please keep in mind that none of the assets are final and everything is still a work in progress. We're building out the core mechanical direction of the game and are still very early in the development cycle. The Turtle and First Arrivals model are still currently temporary until we're able to generate new assets for Project A.

This is just a prototype, and we're currently investigating the possibility of porting it to Unreal Engine. We're continuing to explore new tech in this RnD phase while we work with investors on our next funding round. In addition, we're also exploring generative AI and procedural world building techniques in Houdini and Unreal Engine. This will allow us to create expansive 3D spaces using smaller, high-quality game assets, resulting in more iterative and engaging gameplay.

We're grateful for your continued support, and we can't wait to share more updates with you as we continue to develop Project A.

Thanks for being a part of the Battlebound community and sharing in this journey together!

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Evaverse damos#5320


We're back from San Fran and an awesome week at GDC. We met with tons of our studio partners like Magic Eden, Coinbase, a16z, Polygon, YGG, Dapper Labs, Play Ventures, Immutable X, and a long list of new potential investors as well. We shared our vision for Project A and what the team has been building this past quarter and the reception has been overwhelmingly positive and supportive. We're going to these conversations as we look to raise our next funding round in Q2 of this 2023. The future is bright and we're incredibly excited to build a unique and innovative product that can redefine creature collecting as a genre.

We even spotted some Evaverse concept art hanging on the walls inside the Polygon offices! 👀

With any new game it's important to setup a strong development pipeline. We're using the next month for RnD to explore new technologies that will help us build and scale the game on a strong foundation. We're looking at Unreal Engine 5, procedural AI generation for art and AI NPC characters, and Houdini for procedural world building. Learning new tech is critical for staying a head of the curve and we're aiming to leverage the industry's latest tooling to build Project A into a massive mainstream hit.

We'll have more updates to share as we progress further into April.


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Evaverse damos#5320

hey GM


We just released a brand new update to the Battlebound website highlighting Project A and our team's progress over the past couple of months. It's been a sprint, but we're very proud of the progress and immersive creature collecting IP Project A is shaping up to be.

NEW WEBSITE 🔥 ▶️ https://www.battlebound.io

Check out the amazing video below showcasing the first glimpse into the world and creatures of the game! Most of the team is attending the Game Developer Conference this week, where we'll share the vision for Project A and meet with new potential investors. We'll have many more updates as we progress on the gameplay side and begin combat testing and building out the exploration game loop.

You can help us spread the word with a RT / Comment below!

Thank you

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Evaverse damos#5320

Hey @everyone In effort to continue transparent communication with you all as we build project A I want to share some company side updates. The past few days have been absolutely insane witnessing the unprecedented collapse of Silicon Valley Bank. Although we've spent time with amazing folks from SVB in person, we never established a banking relationship there. Fortunately the FDIC stepped into secure tech companies and their treasuries', but none of our studio's assets we ever jeopardized in this process. We're grateful to be strongly positioned for the future and opportunity to continue building Project A.

As we continue building Project A, we're entering a period of rapid iteration and testing. Our focus is on gameplay, specifically innovative combat mechanics and the fun factor. Since this is a new game it's starting small and we're going to scale it up over time. To do this responsibly we've restructured the dev team to a more lean and efficient size capable of moving quickly and efficiently to scale this game. As such, we ultimately chose to part ways with a few developers who have been with us over the past year. This was a challenging decision to make, but ultimately the right call for the long-term success of the studio and our community and the games we build.

We'll be sharing more gameplay updates soon as well as the relaunched company website towards the of this week. We really appreciate your continued support and enthusiasm towards Project A and look forward to hearing your thoughts feedback and ideas on the product as it matures.

Happy Monday!

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Evaverse damos#5320


Happy Friday @everyone! Here are some updates the art team has been working on with Project A. We're in the RnD phase exploring the visual fidelity and immersive feel for the world of the game. We're exploring the best ways to bring the concept art to life in a way that supports exploration, social play, and the creature combat game loop. The video speaks for itself, so it doesn't need much explanation, and like everything else, this will continue to improve with time! 💎

We're getting all our ducks in a row to highlight the overall potential and vision of Project A and why Battlebound is perfectly positioned to create it.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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Evaverse damos#5320


Happy Monday @everyone, we want to share on update as we're sprinting towards the first Project A playable prototype. The team is heads down building new combat features and abilities to support out first multiplayer playtest of Project A. In the meantime we're putting the finishing touches on a website relaunch featuring the first glimpse into the world of Project A with this incredible piece of concept art. We're building out the core gameplay pillars first focusing on what makes this game fun. Combat, exploration, and social are going to be the key foundational pillars for this game.

There's been a lot of questions about the web3 design, mint strategy, tokens and nft issuances for Project A. I want to reiterate our commitment to every First Arrival holder and badge earner. You will have a place in Project A, and the time spent playing Evaverse will make a difference in this game. Since Project A is starting from the scratch, our priority is designing it from the ground up to be fun, innovative, and fresh. The greater the success of Project A, the greater that value of the stake we can create for all our community members. The greatest success metrics for games are retention and number of players. Our goal for Project A is to build it a massively successful game that mixes genres and takes current creature collector IPs into new heights. The Evaverse game loop struggled because it was trying to be so many different things at the same time instead of being really good at one thing. We're apply these learnings and focusing on the core combat system for Project A and will continue to iterate on it until we're confident in the innovation and fun factor of the game. We're not aiming to just compete with the web3 games, our vision is for Project A to stand apart against all games.

This is the first game we're building A to Z as a studio and we truly believe it has massive potential to disrupt the creature collecting genre, and we're going to continue building day in and day out to make that vision a reality.

Have a great week!

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Evaverse damos#5320

Hey @everyone


We want to share some updated progress on Project A. The team is still working on the goals we've laid out over the past couple of weeks, so instead of rehashing them I want to share some new content we're working towards.

We're planning to kick off fundraising this month and have been sprinting on Project A to get the combat prototype up and running. We're still working through the core systems required to battle but are making good progress. We're recycling the Evaverse Turtle and character model so we can focus on building the new content. Since we need to build quickly the Turtles are the star of the prototype. You'll notice a lot of brand new animations and combat focused mechanics coming down the pipe as we flesh out the battle system.

Our goal is validate our hypothesis for the Project A combat system and get to playtesting as quickly as possible. This means a lot of testing and feedback from those of you who want to participate in helping shape the moment to moment gameplay of Project A. The video below illustrates some progress on spawning creatures around the player as they freely move around the world moving from battle to battle. This prototype scene is meant to look visually pretty bland as the focus is on the game features.

We'll have a lot more updates as we wrap up core combat features and art style explorations in the coming few weeks!

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Evaverse OSuZQ#0010


We’ve received our final date and time from the Polygon team! We’re so excited to be a part of this event where over 10K users have registered. Having more eyes on Evaverse is good for our community and Battlebound’s overall success. We’ve created a Discord event including the important links below, click the bell to set yourself a reminder!

We’ll be hanging out in their #GameOn voice channel of the IndiGG Discord on 3/1/23 at 9AM (PST) for one hour. It’s a good idea to start collecting those OATs as soon as possible to increase your chances of prizes! Here’s a few important links below to help you prepare and answer any questions you may have.

Event Reminder:

Discord Invite:

Official Website:

More OATs information:

GameOn Pass registration:

For each game you participate in, you can claim your OAT here:

GLHF @everyone !

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Evaverse damos#5320

Hey everyone here's this weeks snapshot of everything the team is working on currently. Most of our focus on Project A and preparing for an upcoming funding round using the combat prototype in Unity to highlight the unique core combat mechanics of the game.


We’re putting the finishing touches on the new Battlebound website and exploring some polish elements like 3d scenes and animated images. We’re also building a Project A splash image to help promote the game that will be completed in the next couple weeks!

🎨 ART: 🎨

We’re building out a library of prototype VFX to support the combat build. VFX like shields, stuns, heals, taunts, AOEs, and a number of other combat related mechanics. Check out the video below!

Our environment artist completed the first pass on trees and bushes for the vertical slice visual scene. We’re building out a small test scene to experiment with the how to push the graphics of the world, creatures, and characters. As we get further along we’ll share more updates on this!

Animations for the prototype turtle and the fox are continuously being worked on for the Fennec Fox, which will include melee and ranged attacks. We still have about 3-4 Turtle animations left to work on which include taunts, spawn and despawns, victory poses, and deaths.

We’ve started concepting out what characters, weapons, and armor designs for players.


Melee and ranged and AOE abilities have been built in the new networked multiplayer combat system.

Creatures can now select certain AI behavior patterns like of creatures like moving to a specified location. We’re working on behavior mechanics such as fleeing, following the leader, and defender behaviors, as well as more networking polish.

We’ve done a first pass on collecting Audio SFX and we’ll get them hooked up to the prototype abilities once design has got them far enough along.

🔨CODE: 🔨

Engineering is hard at work building a multiplayer networked sync combat system. We’re working on three main components, the ability system, the AI brain, and the battle manager. The ability system allows designer to hand craft abilities, spawn vfx, and deal damage over the network. The AI Brain determines creature movement and positioning

We’re also working on the Battlebound games launcher and are aiming to begin external testing in the next couple of weeks.

We're also preparing for the Polygon event and looking at Evaverse server stability to ensure we have smooth GameOn event.

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Evaverse OSuZQ#0010


We’re extremely excited to be joining Polygon for their virtual 30 day Game On event! Polygon will be featuring games they believe to be the best examples of web3 gaming within their ecosystem. From 2/23/23 - 3/20/23, each featured game will have an hour to participate and engage through their Discord. For each game you participate in, an OAT NFT will serve as a point toward entry into a larger prize pool at the end of the tournament.

We’ll share more information on Evaverse’s Game day. We’ve been planning this event for months and can’t wait to see how it turns out. Game On with Polygon!

Are you ready? Sign up below! @everyone


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Evaverse damos#5320

Hey @everyone 👋

We're trying a new announcement format where we share a very clear snapshot of what the team is building towards week-to-week. This will help create more transparency and visibility into the progress we're making on a weekly basis. We're still working towards the larger Q1 goals shared above, but on a more granular level here's what we're up to this week. If you like this format let us know or have some suggestions we're open to exploring the best way to communicate our progress with you all.

🎨ART 🎨
We now have almost 100 iniatial creature concepts to help flush out the world of Project A. We're refining these based on elements, we're dubbing as Essences, which will be the core DNA of your creature as it evolves. Our artists are refining the visual style for both creatures and the shadow silhoutted figure, the players of Project A. The Environment team is building a vertical slice, which represents the visual quality bar of the game in a single location. This will help sell the vision of Project A as Battlebound. The vertical slice scene features a tranquil sky with stylized clouds, sculpted rocks and foliage. We'll def share more as we progress!

We're creating the first creature, Fennec inspired Fox, and will be using it in the combat prototype alongside the Turtle Troop rig to prove out the core combat mechanics for the game.

🛠️ DESIGN 🛠️

The design team is building AI behaviors to govern certain core combat principles, like hunting, fleeing, dodging, and hiding. They are also building abilities like taunts, heals, and attacks to begin testing the prototype. We're iterating on the narrative of the game and collecting SFX to support the combat mechanics.

We've attached a short gif showing off some of the combat progress. Please keep in mind this is so early that the combat, camera angle, mechanics, are entirely placeholder and hardly indicative of the game Project A will become.


Engineers are building a multiplayer framework to support the combat prototype, so we can begin team wide playtests through the Battlebound launcher. We've also built an automated server patching tool for Evaverse that will allow us to finally deploy automated patches to the game including new game builds with the click of a single button. We're investigating some lag related bugs in Evaverse as we prepare for an event with Polygon next month. We're working on the UI for the Battlebound launcher, getting it built and tested for a public release.

🕸️WEB 🕸️

We're working on an integrated minting/airdrop/token system for a WebGL version of Evaverse. This is a test to better understand how to integrate these features in the game once playable from the launcher. We're also experimenting with a character creator where players could choose the NFT they want to mint beforehand or make custom changes to their NFTs that are already minted. Similar to the Evaverse website redesign we're also giving the Battlebound website a much needed facelift which will share more info about Project A and the long term vision. We have some special promotions in the works for Evaverse with Polygon we're working towards in relation to GDC in March.

We're also coming up on a couple 1 year anniversaries for the team and we want to thank each and every one of them for their hard work over the last year!

@​Eseye - Network and Web dev extraordinaire. He’s been hard at work fixing bugs, keeping the backend of players accounts, hatching purrtles, and driving the web3 + gameplay integrations efforts of the company!

@​TTang - Our Lead 3D Environment artist who left Riot to be a part of the Battlebound team, he’s responsible for everything scalable production art pipelines, creating 3d words, and managing the studio art team!

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Evaverse damos#5320

I want to share some thoughts about what's next and the Project A roadmap. We asked the community to trust us and come along with us for this journey and be participants in the development of Project A. Last year we were heads down building, and things took a long time. Deadlines slipped and we had to make pivots, but we didn't communicate as transparently as we should. Our goal is to change that this year. We're going to actively share the development of Project A and our goals and timelines. There may be smaller updates week to week, but you should know what we're building towards. Eventually we will get to the point where we're actively playtesting together and getting your feedback to help shape the game along the way.

We're building a multiplayer combat prototype which highlights the unique combat mechanics of the game. The goal is to demonstrate what makes this game unique and different from every other auto battler on the market. The answer is that Project A is a hybrid auto battler. You will have the ability to control certain aspects of combat while its playing out. Unlike TFT, Dota Auto Chess, Illuvium, where you're a pure spectator, in Project A quick thinking, combos, creature synergy, and strategic planning + reactions will determine the fate of the battle.

This prototype will play a large part in Battlebound's next funding round kicking off at GDC at the end of March. This is a new kind of auto battler we're bringing to market, and we're going to continue expanding the combat prototype to prove out the core design and combat mechanics while building towards that elusive "fun factor" that makes games impossible to put down.

We also have some updates in the Evaverse we're planning, like releasing the Battlebound games launcher, and upgrading our web3 tech stack and improving it's integrated into the game. We want to mint/airdrop directly from game with a seamless UX/UI. This tech is essential for all of our games. We're making the Evaverse less grindy and will be buffing XP, starting with Purrtle Packs, which now will hatch at 2K XP vs the original 10K. We also have a promotion in March with Polygon which will help bring new eyes on Evaverse and ultimately Battlebound.

We'll continue to share more updates week to week as we progress on our goals for the quarter.

Thank you @everyone


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Evaverse damos#5320

"What about Overpower"
Overpower was a multiplayer medieval shooter game Antegar and I built and shipped in 2016. It was our first game together. We bootstrapped it entirely without funding and built it from the ground up. It was our first baby, and we loved that game. We used the Overpower characters as a starting place for First Arrivals character models. Although we reused the geo/textures, we did massive work to get them NFT-ready and create a new IP around them. Many projects outsource their NFT art to contractors and external dev studios. Reusing these allowed us to focus our efforts on the rest of the Evaverse game. We still own Overpower and could explore putting First Arrivals into the game and upgrading it, but we'll need more studio resources. Focusing on Project A will maximize our subsequent funding round and get Battlebound additional resources.

"Project A is just an Illuvium Clone"
We have yet to unveil the core design mechanics of Project A, so I understand at first glance that this might seem like we're picking a fight with Illuvium. We're not aiming to build a version of Illuvium, which looks like Teamfight Tactics. Over half of our founding team built TFT, and if we wanted to make that kind of game, we would have stayed at Riot. Project A aims to redefine the definition of an auto battler and evolve the genre in new and innovative ways. We're aiming for global appeal and a new type of creature collector that appeals visually to larger audiences with competitive fast-paced strategic combat wrapped in an immersive game loop. We'll have plenty to share on this soon. Our focus is the combat prototype which will be a key deliverable in this year's funding round.

We’re going to continue to share updates and progress as we build towards a strong long term future together. Thank you to everyone whos started this journey with us. Being a games start-up requires the ability to be agile, quick, and flexible. When paired with new technology, capital markets, and the complexities of building a successful game, these pivots can be life and death. 2023 is going to be a challenging year for web3 games. You can read the forecast from Naavik’s own crypto research team:


As a studio we’re getting infront of these challenges to optimize for our long-term success, so we’ll be here building for the years to come. Our success will be your success. We sincerely hope you’ll join us. We will be here doing what we do best. Building Games.

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Evaverse damos#5320

Hey @everyone I know there's been a lot of strong reactions to our last update. We know this has been a challenging few days for our community. Thank you to those who have extended us good faith, and the benefit of the doubt. We’ve taking the past few days to read, listen, and process, so we can thoroughly and thoughtfully respond to some of the themes we’ve seen.


"Evaverse was a stepping stone to Project A"
Our vision for Battlebound since the beginning was to be a multi-game studio with meaningful interoperability of game assets and NFTs. The Evaverse is the only metaverse-type product at the center of our portfolio that connects everything together. The goal was to develop Evaverse into a thriving, sustainable game while slowly ramping up Project A as Game #2. After the funding announcement, we realized we needed our complete focus to achieve the ambitious goals set out in Evaverse.

We worked all year long to make Evaverse a success and told our investors we were putting Project A on ice. They supported us fully, and the team gave its total effort into making Evaverse successful in 2022.

This pivot came in January after reflecting on the state of the Evaverse, the results of the Purrtles drop, and the Cosmic Cup and realizing our efforts in 2022 failed to move the needle. Pivoting to Project A now was not planned all along. We explored every alternative and angle we could think. As soon as we realized this was Battlebound's best long-term shot, we began preparations to update the community as openly and transparently as possible.

"Evaverse is a Scam"
We've only had one paid mint for Evaverse, followed by waves of free NFTs to engage and attract players. Despite this, we only have a few players. Evaverse needs a fundamental realignment to achieve long-term success. The Evaverse is not over. We still have the servers open, and are proud of the work we’ve done and the progress we’ve made. Some of our most significant events and promotions are still on the horizon.

We ultimately have high hopes for Evaverse with a reimagined vision. Currently we have smaller scoped updates planned as focusing on Project A which will give us the greatest chances for long-term growth for the studio. Project A’s success will give us the resources to improve and update all our games in the future.

“What exact value will I get in Project A”
We're creating games players love and own and doing it for everyone here. Our core values are not changing. As Battlebound grows and evolves, we are taking you all with us. Whether your Evaverse stake is in NFTs or badges, there's going to be a place for you in Project A. We're not leaving anyone behind.

We’ve learned some hard lessons developing Evaverse. Building a game around NFT collections is incredibly challenging, and in Project A our focus is on the game first. The mint strategy and economy will come after the core gameloop is built and tested successfully.

We will work on a strong viable path to exchange your hard earned efforts and NFTs in Evaverse for value in Project A. We want to lay out a clear roadmap with full confidence in our delivery for everyone here. This is why we’re electing to focus on the gameplay first to build Project A into a long-term success.

However, we can promise rain or shine, bull or bear, day in and day out; we're going to be here building the best possible games and focusing on gameplay, mass adoption, and onboarding millions into web3 gaming.

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Evaverse damos#5320


Hi everyone, I know this is update has felt like a long time coming. We've spent the past month deeply reflecting on the state of the Evaverse, what we've shipped, what we haven't shipped, web3 gaming landscape, and ultimate direction of Battlebound. We asked very hard questions about where we want to be in 1, 3, and 5 years from now, and how do we as a small gaming start up maximize our opportunities to successfully navigate there in spite of headwinds in gaming, web3, and venture funding. As CEO of Battlebound its my job to steer the ship and lead the team and community though choppy waters and ultimately to our studio vision of getting millions of players real ownership, agency, and value over the time they spend playing games they love. To achieve this it means asking tough questions, reflection honestly on where we are, and making extremely difficult choices that defy emotions because ultimately they are the best path forward for all of us.

Coming from AAA game studios we took a gameplay-first approach with the aim of building Evaverse into a game that resonates deeply with players. In order for Evaverse to be successful long term, people need to be playing it for fun. Although the team has worked incredibly hard to deliver updates above and beyond our original roadmap, the hard truth is that we have yet to significantly increase engagement and player retention in-game. Continuing to develop the Evaverse in its current direction is unsustainable, given the resources available to our team. While we access the long-term direction and potential of the Evaverse, we're pivoting our primary development resources to Project A, an immersive open-world creature collecting game.

Project A was the original game Antegar and I set out to build. The Evaverse was born from the foundational NFT tech we built initially for Project A. Not knowing if we would ultimately secure funding for Project A we launched the Evaverse First Arrivals to see if there was market demand for NFT-based gaming. The revenue from the Evaverse First Arrivals mint has been fully reinvested to build Evaverse into the product it is today. We have worked relentlessly for years on Evaverse to achieve our vision, but despite our best efforts working non-stop, we have yet to significantly move the needle on product market fit.

Despite this, we remain committed to the Evaverse First Arrivals holders and our community. We will create a path from Evaverse to Project A, where every contributor to the Evaverse ecosystem, from players to holders will have the option to exchange their stake in Evaverse for Project A. We have strong convictions about the potential for Project A to achieve our vision of onboarding millions of players to web3. The success of Project A will bring new opportunities to explore a reimagined vision of Evaverse in the future as Battlebound's open metaverse IP. While Evaverse won't be our primary focus, we’ll continue to explore smaller scope updates and events while keeping the servers fully operational.

Thank you for believing in our mission to onboard millions of players into web3. I sincerely hope you will continue to support us as we build Project A into an incredibly fun and rewarding gaming experience.

Full context please read our blog https://evaverse.medium.com/battlebound-2023-roadmap-update-3350b7d2ba47

o We are transitioning primary development focus to Project A beginning with an auto battler combat prototype.
o First Arrivals holders will be given Early playtest access to Project A, Priority Minting, and the ability increase the rarity of Project A mints.
o Evaverse players will be given an option to exchange their stake in Evaverse for Project A
o Evaverse will remain playable with smaller scope updates/events
o $EVA token will transition to a game-agnostic token that can support any of our game(s) with product market fit

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Evaverse damos#5320

Thanks for your patience with us as we've been working through Battlebound's priorities and studio roadmap for the year. This has been at the forefront of our minds for the past couple weeks and will have some updates to share very soon as we iron out the final details. I appreciate everyone's diligence and patience as we strive to get this right.


In the meantime, I want to introduce our newest Battlebound teammate and game producer @​bluefortytwo! He joins us with 10+ years of experience in various roles spanning project management and audio coordinator within the entertainment industry. With a background in interactive entertainment, he co-founded a mobile game startup and also worked for Sony Santa Monica on the God of War franchises. Some of his favorite games include Mario Kart 64, Shadow of the Colossus and Street Fighter 4.

We have not forgot the Wonderland NFTs and will be airdropping them at the end of this week! Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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Evaverse damos#5320

o We just deployed a server-side hotfix for level 10 Turtles not getting stamina has been submitted.
o Tickets are now split based on Evatar Prestige for both Hoverboarding *(nothing changed) * and Cosmic Cup* (changed from Turtles/Purrtles)*.

This should prevent players from taking a proportionally larger share of tickets by using the free Turtle on a borrowed Evatar, and reward holders appropriately who are managing their Evaverse teams.

Thank you @​Eseye!!

Tomorrow we're joining Polygon Studios for a special gaming space entitled Building the Web3 gaming culture #onPolygon

12th January, Thursday / 10:30 AM EST / 3:30 PM GMT

You can set your twitter reminders and we'll see you tomorrow! 🔽


We've been researching web3 technology stacks for a while now, and beginning to construct a new pipeline for how we manage, mint and deliver NFTs. This web3 integration stack that will empower us with us to airdrop, mint, burn, and stake NFTs. Our plan is to use the Wonderland rewards airdrop as the first test of the technology. Once we've validated the pipeline is set up correctly we will distribute the Eva Loot NFTs to the players who completed the race criteria. Our goal is to use this tech stack to ultimately read/write to the blockchain directly within the Evaverse. We'll share more updates on our progress as we get closer to distribution!

Thank you

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Evaverse OSuZQ#0010


Congrats and thank you to everyone who participated in the Coinbase Purrtle Pack premint over the holidays! The packs have just been airdropped to all qualifying participants. B.E.S.T. of luck hatching these into your Purrfect Purrtle!

Please make sure to check your hidden tab first if you believe you should have qualified. If it's not there, you can submit a ticket through #🎫┃ask-staff with the following information so we can further investigate:

  1. Did you check your hidden tab?

  2. What is your Evaverse account ID?

  3. What is the Coinbase wallet address you used for the Premint?

  4. Can you please send a screenshot with your total Coinbase Race Count from Evaverse.com.

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Evaverse damos#5320

There is a new patch out, please make sure to update your game upon next login if you haven't already. Here are some of the fixes that went in.

o Fixed double placement in races bug
o Fixed finish line sometimes not registering a race as complete
o Fixed Purrtle Packs sometimes not getting XP
o Fixed Purrtle Pack sometimes showing as equipped when not equipped

o Increased Cosmic Cup Purrtle/Turtle XP by 200%
o Increased Stamina Rewards in Cosmic Cup by 200%

We are knocking these bugs out and adding features alongside the fixes, our goal is for Evaverse to feel less like a grind while still rewarding players and holders. We will continue to iterate and make changes based on feedback.

Please continue to use #🎮┃hoverboard-racing and #🎮┃cosmic-cup for bug reports so that we may better track issues and #💡┃feedback for all other ideas you'd like to share with us.


After the release of Cosmic Cup and Coinbase collaboration we've started to gather the attention of more eyes in web3, including Polygon. We're beginning to discuss large co-marketing beats to roll out in 2023. The polygon web3 gaming team sees Evaverse as one of the strong potential games building on the network and is ramping their engagement and support with Battlebound. The first of which is inviting us to join some top web3 games building on Polygon to a Twitter Space hosted by Polygon Studios this Thursday, 1/12/22 at 7:30AM (PST).

Follow them on Twitter for daily web3 news: https://twitter.com/PolygonStudios

We'll create a reminder and share an update later this week!

One of the most requested topics in the New Years Community Survey was an updated roadmap. We are actively working on this and rethinking the current state of the roadmap. We will be sharing updates within the next couple weeks followed by a discord AMA to discuss the action items for this quarter. The focus is on delivering measurable improvements to the Evaverse play experience and increasing engagement and holder value.

Thank you for participating in the survey, it has been illuminating and we look forward to applying as much feedback as we can once quality of life issues in-game have been addressed.

We will leave responses open until Thursday at 9AM (PST) as we continue to collect and categorize each response.

Thank you

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