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Galaxy Fight Club

Galaxy Fight Club

The first cross-IP PvP fighting game where holders of different NFT collections can log-in and battle each other.

Death Robots | Gen 2s | [Weapons](https://opensea.io/collection/gfc-weapon-colle…

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Galaxy Fight Club
Galaxy Fight Club yasgfc#0

Gm gm @GFC Degen

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

We have now entered the final 4 days for the Christmas-Event.

You can see the current top 6 wallets in the screenshot!

Once again, Merry Christmas to you all and happy burning!

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Galaxy Fight Club
Galaxy Fight Club adogfc#0

@everyone for those who prefer a short video summary on our latest progress!


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Galaxy Fight Club
Galaxy Fight Club adogfc#0

Hi @everyone

Dev Blog #65 is ready - https://galaxyfightclub.medium.com/dev-blog-65-9747109c23c9



Gameplay and Character Updates:

  • Asteroid Characters Skill Rework: Each Asteroid character (Brown, Green, Pink) now has enhanced skills. Brown and Green summon meteorites and meteor showers for splash damage and crowd control. Pink summons meteors for continuous area damage.

  • Hammer of Gods Update: This weapon now marks enemies before striking with lightning, increasing damage potential.

  • Character and Weapon Model Fixes: Updates to the Ogre character and various weapons (Bruna Fire Axe, Brunium Axe of Death, Ice Spear, Dragon Scale Blade, Umbrella).
    Christmas 2023 Event and New Features:

  • New Skins and Battle Arena: Introduction of Christmas Girl skin, a new loadout screen, and a brand new Battle Arena.

  • GFC Character Model Overhaul: GFC characters have been redesigned with better proportions and enhanced animations to minimize errors and improve game recognition.

  • New Animation System: Characters will now have varied attack animations based on weapon types, adding dynamism to combat.
    Ongoing Projects:

  • Project T: Continued development of NFT illustrations and combinations


Increased Visibility and Partnerships:

  • Media Coverage: Galaxy Fight Club featured in prominent publications like Cointelegraph and Incrypted, reaching a vast audience and highlighting its Web3 gaming innovation.

  • Collaborations: Galaxy Fight Club’s partnership with IQ Protocol for Christmas giveaways and joining their Twitter Space for community engagement.
    Community Competitions and Events:

  • #GFCup and Other Tournaments: Successful community submissions for #GFCup, upcoming tournament hosted by CritTheoryGaming with Galaxy Fight Club’s support, and the ongoing Monopoly contest in collaboration with Hasbro and Property’s.
    Community Engagement and Rewards:

  • Tournament Participation: Encouraging participation in various tournaments with opportunities for rewards and GCOIN burning mechanisms.

  • Social Media Highlights: Emphasis on community engagement through social media platforms like Twitter and X as featured in the update below


Weapon Library Initiative:

  • A digital library showcasing weapons’ effects and special attacks through short video clips.
    Gaming Events:

  • One Hour of Endless Games: Organizing practice matches for teams with gold fragment rewards.

  • GFC GCOIN Tournament: A unique bi-weekly tournament using GCOIN as a buy-in, with a burn-and-reward mechanism for participants.
    Community Achievements and Recognition

  • Special recognition for community members like NFTLove, highlighting their journey from partnership involvement to managerial roles and tournament successes.

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Galaxy Fight Club
Galaxy Fight Club yasgfc#0

@GFC Degen For those of you who might've missed it - there has been a major breach and we advise you all to not connect to any dapps and / or make any transactions for the time being.


To clarify - our portal / website is not effected by this, since we don't use the elements which got exploited.

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Galaxy Fight Club
Galaxy Fight Club yasgfc#0

Gm gm @GFC Degen

A quick reminder that our Christmas-Event is still on and the exclusive Monopoly boards are up for grabs!

Here's a quick update on the current leaderboard.

Make sure to get started while you still can!

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Galaxy Fight Club
Galaxy Fight Club adogfc#0

Hi @everyone

Dev Blog #64 is out! - https://galaxyfightclub.medium.com/dev-blog-64-6f5e5805d410


Section A: Game Updates

  1. New Christmas 2023 Event Update
    Celebrate the holiday season with us as we introduce a new Christmas-themed event. Get ready to meet our latest skin character, Christmas Girl, and enjoy festive gaming experiences.

  2. New Loadout Screen
    We've revamped the loadout screen to enhance your gaming experience, making it easier for you to customize your character and weapons.

  3. NFT Character/Weapon Level System
    We're introducing an innovative NFT level and experience system. Your NFTs can now earn experience points (XP) based on their performance in ranking matches. Each win contributes to their experience, making them more valuable and unique over time. This system bridges the gap between digital collectibles and interactive gaming.

  4. Galaxy Fight Club 3.0 Beta
    Prepare for the launch of Galaxy Fight Club Version 3.0 Beta! This update includes a complete overhaul of the backend system, improving performance, stability, and scalability. We've also added exciting new content, gameplay mechanics, storylines, and environments to elevate your gaming experience.

Section B: Business Development & Marketing

  1. Twitter/X Spaces Participation
    We've joined Twitter/X spaces, engaging with communities interested in web3 gaming. These spaces have provided us with opportunities to connect with over 1.5k and 13.1k listeners, respectively.

  2. Partnership with The Plague
    We're proud to collaborate with The Plague and held an exclusive event for their community. Their vocal support on Twitter demonstrates our appreciation for this partnership.

  3. Christmas Event
    Our first Christmas Event is underway, offering players the chance to win Limited Edition Monopoly board games by burning GCOIN. The more GCOIN you burn, the more tickets you receive for the raffle.

  4. Leaderboard
    Currently, one wallet dominates the GCOIN burning leaderboard with 3600 GCOIN burned in just 4 days.

Section C: Community

  1. Thanksgiving Event
    During Thanksgiving weekend, we hosted a mini-event with multiple matches and balanced gameplay. We had exciting tie-breakers for 1st and 3rd places, creating a fun and competitive atmosphere.

  2. Bringing Communities Together
    We've collaborated with The Plague, bringing their community members to our Discord and even seeing some of them participate in our pop-up matches and acquire GFC NFTs.

  3. Bi-weekly Tournament
    The recent melee tournament with a 7-point restriction in Tournament Mode saw participation from fifteen teams, with great prizes for the top performers

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Galaxy Fight Club
Galaxy Fight Club yasgfc#0

Gm gm @everyone

We see a lot of excitement across the Colosseum and are very grateful and excited to not only see new faces but also true OG's, some of which have been with us for over 2 years, pop back in and check out how far Galaxy Fight Club has come.

Starting on , we will launch our first Christmas Special!

This is your chance to scoop up the official Limited Edition Monopoly board game by Property's and Friends!

Entry is very simple -

  • The person who burns the most GCOIN will be rewarded with 1 Monopoly board

  • We’ll raffle 5 boards among the other participants:
    For every 100 GCOIN burnt you will receive 1 Ticket for the raffle.
    The more you burn the more tickets you get, hence, the higher your chance to be rewarded with one of the Limited Edition Monopoly boards.

Entries will close at .

Also, make sure to keep an eye out for more raffles and other events during the month of December.

If you were brave enough to click this field, be told - Bruna 8 is full of mysteries and surprises! We are only getting started! The team has been relentlessly working on things not shared with anyone outside of the core team and the progress made over the past couple of months was INSANE, to say the least. The coming months are ours. Now is the time to stick around. You have been warned.

Note: No one can win more than 1 Monopoly board.

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Galaxy Fight Club
Galaxy Fight Club yasgfc#0

@GFC Degen new registrations are now working again as usual!

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Galaxy Fight Club
Galaxy Fight Club yasgfc#0

Gm gm @GFC Degen

We are aware of the registration bug and are working on resolving it ASAP!

Please bare with us, I'll put out another announcement as soon as new registrations are working again.

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Galaxy Fight Club
Galaxy Fight Club adogfc#0

Hi @everyone

Our Dev Blog #63 is out, fresh out of the oven!

Full Dev Blog: https://galaxyfightclub.medium.com/dev-blog-63-46397c8bb03b


Section A: Game and Web 3 Development
Photon Quantum 3.0 Update: We've upgraded our multiplayer framework to Photon Quantum 3.0, introducing significant improvements:

  • Input Delta Compression: This new default setting substantially reduces bandwidth by compressing input messages.

  • Predicted Commands: Enhancements in command responsiveness and accuracy, with commands now immediately available in predicted frames.

  • Webhooks for Enhanced Security: Webhooks have been integrated for secure game and custom backend interactions, including room creation and joining.

  • Data-Driven System Setup: Introducing a flexible system setup with the SystemsConfig asset, allowing for varied system combinations based on game modes or maps.

  • Native Physics Library: Transition to a native physics library for better performance and maintainability.

  • Dashboard Email Verification Debugging: Addressing community-reported verification issues, we've temporarily removed the verification banner to avoid confusion.

Section B: Business Development & Marketing

  • Exciting New Partnerships and Community Growth: The Plague Collection Integration: We're thrilled to announce the integration of The Plague collection into Galaxy Fight Club, adding more utility for community members.

  • Community Engagement: Our partnership announcement has garnered significant attention on Twitter, bringing new members to our community.

  • Upcoming Partnerships: Stay tuned for more collaborations with top-tier projects.

  • Influencer Spotlight: Influencers like CryptoGorilla and TomNifty are talking about Galaxy Fight Club, expanding our reach.

  • Yas and TomNifty Collaboration: An informative live session about Galaxy Fight Club's ecosystem.

  • Future Campaigns: Preparing to launch larger campaigns as the market heats up.

Section C: Community Engagement

  • Tournament Highlights: Halloween Holders' Tournament: Congratulations to Jungle x RGG for clinching the first place, followed by TEAM TOUPLUX and TAB Army.

  • Pop-up Matches Tournament: Winners are Chiee and Phetato for wins and participation, respectively.

  • Thanksgiving Mini-Event: Details on the upcoming event, including date, time, rules, and rewards.

  • Bi-weekly Tournament: Anticipate the rules for our next tournament on December 3rd.

  • Welcome New Members: A warm welcome to all new Frog members joining post our latest partnership announcement.

  • Stay tuned for more exciting updates and community events!

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Galaxy Fight Club
Galaxy Fight Club yasgfc#0

Gm gm @GFC Degen

For those of you living outside of web3 Twitter -

We are more than excited to announce our partnership with THE PLAGUE!!!

Let's show them some love in the comments of their partnership announcement -


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Galaxy Fight Club
Galaxy Fight Club yasgfc#0

Gm gm @GFC Degen

Looks like we have a new partnership announcement coming in …

Leave your guess in the comments -


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Galaxy Fight Club
Galaxy Fight Club yasgfc#0

Good morning, @GFC Degen!

New GFCup Alert!

November's bringing fresh excitement with the new #GFCup - don't miss this chance! 🌟

We're waiting for your epic match clips 🎥 - those show-stopping moments that have everyone amazed and impressed! Last month was a blast, can we do it again?

✨ Post your best plays on Twitter with #GFCupHighlights and don't forget to tag @GalaxyFight_NFT.

🔗 Check out our tweet for all the details: Tweet link

Let the galaxy know who's boss!

3 months agoRead more
Galaxy Fight Club
Galaxy Fight Club adogfc#0

@everyonefor those who missed the latest update, you can watch it here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jSP0DeC8Pgg

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Galaxy Fight Club
Galaxy Fight Club adogfc#0

Hi @everyone

Here comes our overdue Dev Blog #62.

We really hope everyone had fun during the Halloween events, we do our best to create fun engaging live experiences with these festive events and with the pop-up tournaments. This is in addition to the new products we are building out in the back as well as the ongoing new features and improvements we continue to make to Galaxy Fight Club.

Check out our full dev blog or the summary below to get an insight into what we have been up to recently!

Full Dev Blog #62: https://galaxyfightclub.medium.com/dev-blog-62-c0329bd5a2e2


Section A: Game and Web3 Development

  • Backend System Integration: We've integrated a robust PHP/Laravel backend system designed for PvP games, enhancing user experience with secure authentication and dynamic player interactions.

  • User API: We've rolled out a new User API that allows for seamless player authentication, secure token management, and OTP verification for added security.

  • Game API: Our Game API now enables players to connect their in-game experiences with their digital wallets, manage NFT assets, and update in-game characters, enriching our PvP ecosystem.

  • iOS Bug Fixes: Our team has tackled several bugs affecting iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max devices, ensuring compatibility and smooth gameplay on the latest hardware.

  • Halloween Updates: We've debugged features specific to our Halloween event, addressing visual glitches and gameplay mechanics for a spookier and smoother experience.

  • Project T Development: Excit
    ing progress has been made on Project T with the completion of detailed environment models and the introduction of resource spawning mechanics.

Section B: Business Development & Marketing

  • Discord Bot Enhancements: Our Discord server's user experience has been significantly improved with new onboarding and role assignment features, thanks to updates to our Galaxy Bot.

  • Community Onboarding: We've launched a new onboarding process complete with a welcoming video, ensuring that newcomers to our Discord server feel right at home.

  • New Roles and Engagement: We're introducing the 'Gamer' role within our Discord to better engage our community in pop-up matches and tournaments, keeping our competitive spirit alive.

  • Marketing Strategies: We're actively engaging with thought leaders in the gaming and Web3 space to strategically market our upcoming features and developments.

  • Social Media Highlights: Our Twitter presence has been buzzing with activity, showcasing updates, community interactions, and highlighting the achievements of our players.

Section C: Community

  • Halloween Celebrations: Our community is enjoying festive Halloween-themed pop-up matches and an ongoing tournament, with more updates to be shared for those who join as 'Gamers' on our Discord.

  • Battle Pass Contest: We've celebrated a thrilling contest for our Battle Pass holders, spotlighting a member's impressive in-game kill streak and rewarding them from a $5000 GCOIN pool.

  • Tournament Progress: Despite technical hitches, our Halloween holders' tournament has been a focal point of our community's competitive play, with a resolution to be detailed in our next Dev Blog.

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Galaxy Fight Club
Galaxy Fight Club yasgfc#0

Gm gm @GFC Degen


Our Galaxy Bot has yet again received a new ability!

Head over to #✅︱get-roles and interact with it in order to be granted new roles.

We introduced the role @Gamer for those of you wanting to be notified by @​stellita multiple times a day to hop into the pop-up matches.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the upcoming battles!

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Galaxy Fight Club
Galaxy Fight Club yasgfc#0

Gm gm, @GFC Degen !

October has ended, and with it, our thrilling #GFCup contest!

It's been a wild ride watching all your epic plays and high-level skills in the Galaxy.

Without further ado, here are the 5 fighters who stood out the most:

🏆 @​themadslasher
🏆 @​kevvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv
🏆 @​splaffcraft
🏆 @​phetato03
🏆 Tab Army

Congratulations to all the winners! You truly showed us what it means to be a champion in the Galaxy. 🌌

To everyone else, don’t get discouraged - a new month means a new chance to shine in the upcoming tournaments. Stay tuned, keep practicing, and show us what you’ve got!

Let’s keep the energy high and the battles epic! LFG, GFC!

P.S. Don't forget to show your love on Twitter: https://x.com/GalaxyFight_NFT/status/1720099248338031080?s=20

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Galaxy Fight Club
Galaxy Fight Club yasgfc#0

Gm gm @everyone

The new game build with the Halloween update is now available.

Make sure to head over to the AppStore to manually download the update, in case the app isn’t redirecting you.

Have fun!

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Galaxy Fight Club
Galaxy Fight Club adogfc#0

@everyone here is a video summary of our latest bi-weekly update


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Galaxy Fight Club
Galaxy Fight Club adogfc#0


Dev Blog #61 is now out. We have been working on something that I personally think is super exciting recently but unable to share yet. In the meantime we are continuing our efforts to make improvements to the main GFC game and building out Project T.

Full article: https://galaxyfightclub.medium.com/dev-blog-61-9fb991a75953


A: Game and Web 3 Development:

  • Halloween Event with Graveyard Map: Candy baskets spawn throughout the map. Collecting candies can provide players with beneficial effects such as healing or detrimental ones like slowing.

  • Special Halloween Skills and Skins: Players can earn a Pumpkin mask, Skill Candle Truesight to gain vision, Skill Throw Pumpkin to deal damage, and Skill Throw Candy to slow enemies.

  • New Loading Background: Enhances the Halloween ambiance.

  • Battle Royale Update: Development is temporarily paused to focus on other game priorities.

  • Project T Enhancements: Introduced Beach and Valley landscapes and added new model resources including a Gold Ingot, Wheat Bundle, and Protein Powder.

B: Business Development & Marketing:

  • Successful 1kin Closed Beta: Users have actively engaged with Galaxy Fight Club, undergoing a registration process and claiming their 7-day companion.

  • Streamlined Onboarding on Discord: Introduction of the GFC-Onboarding Bot to guide new users and assign roles. Welcoming video added for a better user experience.

  • Tutorial Section Revamp: All graphics within the tutorial section are being updated to match the brand guidelines, providing clearer and updated information.

  • New Onboarding Videos: Short, comprehensive videos added to each tutorial section to help new users get acquainted with Galaxy Fight Club.

  • Art Style Reconsideration: Contemplating visual changes to Gen1 and Gen2 GFC collections, currently collecting community feedback.

  • Trophy Leaderboard Strategy: Scheduled for quarterly resets, with an upcoming reset on January 1st, accompanied by a new competition announcement.

  • Twitter Highlights from GFC: Featured posts highlighting game updates and announcements.

C: Community:

  • GFC Leaderboard Reset Event: Hosted a tournament with rewards for the top 10 players, including cash and Gold Keys.

  • Pop Up Matches Return: Matches are set to resume this week with a fresh role introduced for the event.

  • Exclusive Halloween Tournament: Set for next weekend, celebrating Halloween with specific rules like USA server play, 3v3 matches, mandatory diverse team compositions, and a special focus on thematic Halloween weapons.

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Galaxy Fight Club
Galaxy Fight Club yasgfc#0

Gm gm @GFC Degen

We're back with another contest at GFC, ready to witness your most thrilling galaxy plays!

Here's How You Can Participate:

  • Get a clip from one of your GFC matches showcasing skill; double or triple kills, epic solo fights against three rivals, or heart-stopping comebacks - we want to see what gets your pulse racing!

  • Share your clip (up to 30 seconds only, please!) on Twitter. Remember to tag @GalaxyFight_NFT and use #GFCup to make your entry count.

What We're Looking for:

  • Showcase your high-level plays!

  • Keep it real! Your video name should match your Twitter or Discord name. Don't impersonalise or you will be disqualified from all our future contests.

Winners will be announced monthly. 5 Winners each month. All winners get one Gold Key each!

Now, show us what you can! Bring on those highlights, fighters! LFG!

5 months agoRead more
Galaxy Fight Club
Galaxy Fight Club adogfc#0


Our latest development blog #60 is now out.

Full article: https://galaxyfightclub.medium.com/dev-blog-60-af050590d7ca

a) Game and Web3 Development

Trophy Score Reset: Resetting rank scores to maintain fairness and competitiveness

  • Action taken after considering game mechanic changes and ensuring a level playing field.

  • Aimed at providing a more balanced gaming experience.

Backend Optimization:

  • New robust Laravel backend integrated to improve the game server infrastructure

  • Enhanced security and performance with the addition of secured APIs, ensuring reliable game results

Battle Royale Mode:

  • Paused to prioritize other developmental tasks, particularly stats updates

  • Monitoring the effects of the trophy reset for the upcoming season

NFT Visual Update:

  • Ongoing art reworks for existing NFTs to ensure brand alignment

  • Updates include the battle pass, the vial, BYOPills, and more

Character Data Updates:

  • Numerous collections, such as Alfa Pass, Alien Boy, and more have standardized stats at 4300 HP and 2.9 ms

  • Detailed stat changes made for specific collections including Animetas, Athletes, Bored Ape, and others

b) Business Development & Marketing Updates

1kin Beta Launch:

  • 1kin.io is now live, allowing signups to claim in-game perks and collectibles.

  • GFC collectible can be claimed via 1kin with the new ‘/redeem’ bot-feature on Discord.

Streamer Shoutout:

  • ‘Ichii’ recognized for his dedication to streaming Galaxy Fight Club.

  • Achieving significant viewership on platforms like Binance Live and Huobi.

Guild Acknowledgment:

  • Special thanks to the JUNGLE guild for their support and initiatives towards Galaxy Fight Club.

Upcoming Partnership:

  • Exciting new collaboration is on the horizon, having been in the works for some time.
    Community is encouraged to guess the partner on Discord.

Twitter Highlights:

c) Community

October Tournaments:

  • Hosting 3 distinct tournaments throughout the month.

  1. Pop-up Match Leaderboard Tournament: rewarding players for participation and victories and matches are now hosted globally to maintain fairness

  2. GFC Trophy Hunting Tournament: participation from over 60 players, potential abuses in the tournament are resolved

  3. Holders Tournament: to be hosted by the end of October, with more details forthcoming

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Galaxy Fight Club
Galaxy Fight Club yasgfc#0

Gm gm @everyone

Happy Monday!

A couple of things I wanted to update you all on -

  1. We have a new partnership announcement coming out later this week.

  2. The forging promotion is over and the forging cost has now been reverted back to normal.

  3. Trophies have now been reset (again). Happy competing!

  4. We are introducing a new role for those of you wanting to participate in the pop-up matches. That way we can spare those who got @GFC Degen for other reasons from being spammed with announcements.

Until then, we are pausing the pop-up matches (I will have this set up within 24h max).

  1. Last weeks rewards are being sent out right now.

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Galaxy Fight Club
Galaxy Fight Club adogfc#0


Please check out our development blog #59! We are making good progress on project T and making significant progress on a number of other features and standalone products which we cannot reveal yet, but which we are very excited about internally!

Full article: https://galaxyfightclub.medium.com/dev-blog-59-1f02f60e48bc

A) Game and Web 3 Development

  • Nginx Integration: Boosted server performance, security, and manageability by incorporating Nginx for load balancing within the Azure game server’s framework

  • Independent Game Server: Building a self-reliant game server to further optimize player connection, match-balancing, and game security. This also enhances monitoring of game-breaking behaviors

  • APIs for Battle Royale: Extended API functionalities for the battle royale mode to ensure consistent logic for game result submissions

  • Weapon NFTs Visual Overhaul: The weapon collection gets a visual upgrade, in line with GFC branding. Anticipate new art on the weapons collection soon

  • ‘Project T’ Progress: Significant advancements with new renderings for various game traits, including resource and building traits. Sneak peeks available for select traits!

  • Bug Resolutions: Multiple bugs addressed, including a Battle Royale mode issue and technical glitches within the 2D and 3D physics engines

  • New Bugs Logged: Several new bugs noted, including inaccuracies in weapon damage outputs, aiming issues, and discrepancies in menu texts

B) Business Development & Marketing

  • Clarnium Tournament: Successfully hosted a tournament in partnership with Clarnium. The community gave positive feedback. The live stream of the event is available here

  • Streaming Upgrades: Continuous enhancements made to the streaming experience, thanks to Ringalls. Introduced a ‘text to speech’ feature for viewer interaction

  • Guild Engagements: Initiated outreach to multiple guilds to encourage participation in upcoming tournaments

  • New Leaderboard for Pop-Up Matches: Launched a new leaderboard with enticing rewards for players

  • Forging Cost Promotion: Extended a discount on forging costs until October 1st

  • Twitter Highlights: Shared key moments and announcements on Twitter. See links in the full article

C) Community

  • Pop-Up Match Leaderboard: Launched a new leaderboard system for pop-up matches to reward regular participants

  • GFC 1v1 Tournament Recap: Hosted a successful tournament with Clarnium. Major highlights include Dennis’s victory, Jamz’s commendable second position, and Chiee’s intense battle for the third spot

  • Live Streaming Chatbox: Tested a new Chatbox feature during the live streams which was well-received

  • Upcoming Events: Stay tuned for announcements about a special tournament in the near future

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Galaxy Fight Club
Galaxy Fight Club adogfc#0

Hi @everyone

Our biweekly update #58 is now out!

Full dev blog: https://galaxyfightclub.medium.com/dev-blog-58-492fecca281



Weapon Updates:

  • We've adjusted the ranges of most basic melee weapons from 2 x 3 to 2.5 x 2.5, excluding the Pick. The cooldown time for these weapons has been increased from 1.8s to 1.9s.

  • Our Candy Cane, Sword, Axe, and Pick have all seen improvements in their ultimate damage outputs, with the Pick also benefiting from a normal damage boost.

  • Several of our common weapons have new skill ranges. For instance, both the Battle Axe and Monkey Paw Staff now have a 3 x 3 normal skill range.

  • We've revised the Molotov Cocktail's damage calculation and range. Plus, its ultimate now releases three projectiles.

  • The Plasma Grenade's normal and ultimate skills have a reduced range and slower projectile velocity.

  • Some uncommon weapons, like the BroomStick and Claws, now have a 1.9s reload time.

  • Our Epic Weapon, Retribution, now has faster projectiles and improved skills.

  • The legendary Asteroid Pink has a new ultimate that creates mini asteroids around the player.

  • We've adjusted the shields for melee and ranged weapons, affecting damage block and active time.
    Project T Draft Render: We've been refining trait layering to ensure consistency.
    UI/UX Update: Our new improvements are ready, and user guides are in the works. Expect a revamped dashboard with light/dark mode options.
    Battle Royale Mode: We've made changes to APIs to ensure compatibility with this mode and revamped the reward systems.


  • GCOIN Burn: We've burnt a large amount of GCOIN across various contracts.

  • GCOIN Discount: We're offering a 50% discount on the weapon forge until September 12th.

  • Battle Royale Beta: We've moved the closed beta test to the last quarter of 2023 to better align with our goals.

  • Team Restructuring: We're optimizing our team structure. This may impact simultaneous feature development, but it's in the best interest of our growth.

  • Discord Pop-up Matches: We're introducing matches with shard rewards to boost community engagement.

  • Twitter Highlights: Our recent tweets provide insights into the latest updates. Do check them out!


  • Tournaments: Our Ibiza and Medieval tournaments were successful! Congratulations to AFT-1, Jungle G, and bitZEN for their achievements.

  • Pop-up Battles: This week, we've organized battles where players can earn gold shards.

  • Upcoming "Season": Get ready for our October surprises! We've released some teasers to whet your appetite.

  • Potential Partnership: Stay tuned! We have an exciting event lined up, and the community buzz is growing

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Galaxy Fight Club
Galaxy Fight Club davethedev.eth#0

@GFC Degen
Here are the technical details of the GCOIN burn!

We withdrew all the GCOIN on the corresponding contracts:
1,610,000 GCOIN from the Weapon Forge contract: https://polygonscan.com/tx/0x7db67fcce83d3ed7e70ab38105cff542f8eee3ec167f41c972289bc170867a1c
618,400 GCOIN from the Gen 2 Training contract: https://polygonscan.com/tx/0x26ee306eba827586c608c765e4fcb71ff046b0d0ae16bc1dac0b75b6516cb579
877,240 GCOIN from the Loot Box contract: https://polygonscan.com/tx/0x0224e568c5afb3f14499ef21184d9ec90c353620ee6b1e9fb2d4627eb47cae19

= 3,105,640 GCOIN

All that GCOIN was burnt just now!
Here is the burning transaction:

Also the 50% GCOIN discount on weapon forge has been applied, happy burning

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Galaxy Fight Club
Galaxy Fight Club yasgfc#0

Gm gm @GFC Degen

Happy Monday!

Over the past months, a lot of GCOIN has been utilised by our community.

These GCOIN used on the utility mechanics are stored in the corresponding contracts, depending on purpose of usage (weapon forge, Gen 2 training etc).

Tomorrow, on , we will once again be burning all of that accumulated GCOIN, just like we have in the past.

As part of the burn, we want to provide you guys with the opportunity to use the weapon forge with a 50% GCOIN discount for 7 days.

Enjoy forging and have a great week!

Note: Since this is a manual process, the discount might take up to 60 minutes to be appropriately visible to you on our portal.

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Galaxy Fight Club
Galaxy Fight Club yasgfc#0

Gm gm @GFC Degen

A quick reminder that we'll be having our next community call this weekend. Make sure to set your reminder by using the "Events" tab on our Discord server or by using the following link -

Also, both contests have been wrapped up.

Congratulations to the winners of the Meme-Contest!

You can find the winners here - https://twitter.com/GalaxyFight_NFT/status/1696563462321721551?s=20

Also, congrats to Kylo, Splaff & Valrex for crushing it at the quizz!

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Galaxy Fight Club
Galaxy Fight Club adogfc#0


It's over 2 years since we first launched our genesis collection, and we have come a long way since the start from just wanting to build a 2D platform PvP mobile game. Despite the market conditions our ambitions have not faded, our vision is still grand and we are working behind the scenes everyday to build something great. Most of all, we are fortunate to have the support of the community.

Everyday we are working to improve some area of our ecosystem, from in-game features to the ChatGPT powered bot in our discord to now another revamped bot that is more powerful than ever. And can you believe it's already dev blog 57? Reading through all of our development updates would take over 15 hours alone..

With that said please check out our latest dev blog 57 here - https://galaxyfightclub.medium.com/dev-blog-57-7c5dfb87778c

There is too much to cover in this blog post so I won't be post a summary here in Discord, please head directly into the article for the summary.

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Galaxy Fight Club
Galaxy Fight Club yasgfc#0

Gm @GFC Degen

We would like to invite everyone to keep celebrating the second anniversary of Galaxy Fight Club!

We're putting your knowledge of GFC to a test!

How much do you know about GFC?
Where - #💬︱general-chat-colosseum
Wen - Game: 27-Aug Time: 10 am EST

Quiz: 10 questions. First to guess (no misspelling) gets 1 pt


Holder: 3 GK + 1 Redeem Code (if Doctore + 1 extra GK), if non-holder: 2 GK + BR pass (test)

Holder: 1 GK + 2 Redeem Code (if Doctore + 2 extra Redeem Code), if non-holder: 1 GK + BR pass (test)

Holder: 2 Redeem Code (if Doctore + 1 extra Redeem Code), if non-holder: BR pass (test)

May the smartest person win!

Note: Every user participating can only win max. three times.

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Galaxy Fight Club
Galaxy Fight Club yasgfc#0

The bot just crashed. We’ll have it back up within the next 90 minutes!

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Galaxy Fight Club
Galaxy Fight Club yasgfc#0

Gm @everyone

We are excited to announce our new Galaxy Bot, a feature rich Discord bot that is going to facilitate our community with many features.

The first feature we would like to introduce is /linkaccount.

Using the /linkaccount feature is not going to display any information to other community members in the chat. The prompt & response will only be visible to you.

Therefore, you can be safe to use it, even if you do not want other people to see the connected wallet / email.

Since having the connection between Discord usernames & in-game accounts is more than useful to us for many reasons, we want to incentivise the first 50 people who go ahead and link their accounts!

Note: For now, this feature is only available for Gen1 holders.

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Galaxy Fight Club
Galaxy Fight Club yasgfc#0

Gm gm, @everyone!

As we mark our 2-Year Anniversary, we're taking a moment to truly celebrate and appreciate our community. In collaboration with our recent partner NFTLook, we present an exclusive contest for you!

How to Participate:

Create a picture of your Gen1 Fighter or Gen1 #750 using nftlook.io .
Post your artwork on Twitter and QT our official announcement: https://twitter.com/GalaxyFightNFT/status/1693637119699202148.
Make sure you are following both @GalaxyFight
NFT and @nftlook on Twitter.
Make sure to tag both @GalaxyFight
NFT and @nft_look in your entry.

Rewards to be Won:
🥇 1st Place: 2 Gen1 Fighters, 2 Gen2 Fighters
🥈 2nd Place: 1 Gen1 Fighter, 1 Gen2 Fighter
🥉 3rd Place: 1 Gen1 Fighter
🏅 4th Place: 1 Gen2 Fighter
🎖️ 5th Place: 1 Gen2 Fighter

The contest will come to a close on Sunday at 10AM EST.

Let's see what you can make, Fighters!

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Galaxy Fight Club
Galaxy Fight Club adogfc#0

@everyone Dev Blog #56 is out!

We have made some exciting progress on the 3D renders for our characters in the past 2 weeks, be sure to check out the images in the blog and let us know what you think!

Full development blog: https://galaxyfightclub.medium.com/dev-blog-56-a3162dc92f04


a) Game and Web3 Development

  • GFC Game Backend: Completed the Galaxy Universe backend; developing a new GFC PvP data system with friend, party, guild features, and achievements; new system testing expected in 2 weeks

  • PC Client & Character Modeling: Making final design adjustments to the new character model, including armor texture and rounding edges; paused development on the PC client

  • Project T: Initial Galaxy Terra trait concepts created; 3D model rendering based on these concepts starts next week

  • UI/UX Update: Mechanics pages are being revamped, with new video guides in progress for better user experience

  • Battle Royale: Review of the codebase is ongoing, with some delays due to UI/UX rework; aiming for full-speed development post-rework

  • Bugs and Testing: Addressed issues like spectator mode sluggishness, Plasma Sword visual bug, player glitches on Battle Royale map, and weapon switch issues; made improvements on AOE aiming

b) Business Development & Marketing

  • Collaboration with NFTLook: Exciting collaboration allowing users to create memes using Genesis Fighters; NFTLook's tweet provides more insights

  • Twitter Highlights: Three significant tweets, including the collaboration with NFTLook, are highlighted for the community's easy reference

  • Discord Updates: Rolling out custom bots like Fighterstats, Linkaccount, and Redeem; introduced 'AutoMod' to monitor chat behavior, and changed community calls & AMA frequency to monthly

c) Community

  • Recent Tournaments: Bi-weekly AMA Melee tournament took place on Asia server; bitZen emerged as the winner among other notable participants

  • Special Tournament: Celebrating the 2nd anniversary of GFC's first mint with a special tournament on August 19th; the tournament will have conditions like using only GEN1 fighters and a boosted prize pool of $1,200

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Galaxy Fight Club
Galaxy Fight Club yasgfc#0

Gm Gm @GFC Degen

Ever wanted to create memes using your favourite Genesis Fighter but struggled using complicated and overwhelming editing tools?

NFT Look is here to make that process super seamless for you!

Check out their tweet -


Also, quick reminder that we're hosting our biweekly community AMA tomorrow at 9am EST.

Use the Events section to set your reminders -

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Galaxy Fight Club
Galaxy Fight Club adogfc#0

Hi @everyone

Dev Blog #55 is out! Some exciting news about Battle Royale as we plan on rolling our Beta testing soon.

Full development blog: https://galaxyfightclub.medium.com/dev-blog-55-8d12aafbbfa8


A. Game and Web 3 Development

  • Galaxy Universe System: Progress on a unified data system using Microsoft's Azure Database for MySQL. The focus is on maximum data protection and scalability.

  • User Security: The new system will have end-to-end encryption for passwords and personal data, making it impregnable against breaches.

  • PC Version Enhancements: A more polished PC version is in the pipeline, designed to resonate more with GFC collection owners.

  • Character Graphics: Multiple Level of Detail (LOD) models are being deployed, optimizing performance across devices. This includes more expressive facial features and detailed modules for accessories.

  • Project T: Design changes have been completed, with emphasis on metadata API integration and enhanced in-game graphics for better battle visuals.

  • Battle Royale: Codebase review continues. Additionally, a comprehensive overhaul of UI/UX is planned, starting with the weapon forge page.

  • Bug Resolution: Efforts are on to address performance and gameplay bugs, with a commitment to continuous improvement.

B. Business Development & Marketing

  • Branding: All game titles/products will now be under the new banner 'Galaxy Studios'.

  • Battle Royale Beta: Exciting events planned for August, including a closed beta testing phase for Battle Royale. Special roles will be given based on priority.

  • User Experience: A significant focus on enhancing in-game and Discord user experience. This includes a slew of new bots like the Redeem Code Bot, Link/Verify Bot, and more.

  • Strategic Re-engagement: Plans to re-engage and collaborate with partners, emphasizing the rich potential of web3 and its benefit to GFC.

  • Community AMA: A dedicated Ask Me Anything session is scheduled for August 6, 2023. A golden opportunity for the community to voice opinions and get clarifications.

C. Community

  • Tournament with Companions: The inaugural tournament saw a prize pool of $900. 16 teams participated, showcasing the potential of Companions.

  • Feedback Loop: The recent tournament highlighted areas of improvement, especially promoting the use of Companions.

  • Server Rotation: Recognizing the global community, the next tournament will be hosted on the Asia server.

  • Gameplay Appreciation: The revamped sand map with new graphics elements was a hit, as teams battled it out.

  • Winners and Honors: Zillenials clinched the 1st place, followed by AFT-1, The Beningging, and JJV Zen. Detailed match scores and tournament brackets are accessible through the provided link.

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Galaxy Fight Club
Galaxy Fight Club adogfc#0

Hi @everyone

if you haven't checked out our latest bi-weekly blog you can watch the summary here now!


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Galaxy Fight Club
Galaxy Fight Club adogfc#0

Hi @everyone

Check out our latest Dev Blog #54, with the focus being on our tournaments feature release!

Full update: https://medium.com/@galaxyfightclub/dev-blog-53-8149ca90b34b


A: Game and Web 3 Development

  • Tournament Game Mode: The highly anticipated tournament game mode is set to go live in the next build. Customize rules and requirements for each tournament, with invites managed by hosts. Tournament results will be available on Fractal.is.

  • Forging Costs Update: Based on community feedback, weapon forging costs will be reverted to original numbers on September 1st at 7 AM GMT.

  • New Characters: Partner NFT collections like DegenZ and Augmented Labs Scientists are being added in the upcoming game build.

  • Augmented Labs Project T: Progress made on updating metadata format and API integration. Implementing metadata API into the game client and reviewing smart contracts.

  • Battle Royale: Registration issues resolved. Backend system development and smart contract integration continue.

  • Matchmaking System Update: Separate matchmaking pools for F2P players and NFT owners to create balanced gaming environments.

  • Backend Database: Developing a player database for seamless synchronization across the GFC ecosystem.

  • Visuals Update: Reworking characters' images in the game and NFTs for a unified aesthetic.

  • PC Client & Face Trait/Armour System: Development paused, to be resumed after visual upgrade completion.

  • Bugs & Testing: Bug fixes include restoring fade in and out effect on Sand Map bushes, addressing Cube weapon visibility, eliminating delayed Hammer of Gods animation, improving Spectator mode, fixing Invisible BYOPill detection, displaying proper red-colored HP bars for enemy companions, removing enemy player visibility in destructible environments, and enhancing Molotov weapon functionality.

B: Business Development & Marketing

  • Discord User Experience: Custom-built bots like AskGFC Bot introduced for improved interaction. Continuing to refine replies based on community feedback.

  • Discord Server Cleanup: Channels streamlined for a more user-friendly experience.

  • Blur Marketplace and GCOIN Accrual: Galaxy Fight Club to remain on Blur marketplace. Exploring options for GCOIN accrual feature.

  • Merchandise Shipment and Clarnium Collaboration: Positive feedback received for merchandise shipments. Collaborating with Clarnium for GameFi mass adoption and market opportunities.

  • Community AMA and Weekend Gaming Events: Summary of previous AMA available on Twitter. Upcoming community AMA scheduled on Discord. Weekend gaming events planned to attract new players with limited GFC item rewards.

C: Community

  • Holders Tournament: TAB Army clinches first place with zero losses. KingBFusion secures second place.

  • Companions in Tournaments: Introduction of companions in upcoming tournaments. Details to be announced soon.

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Galaxy Fight Club
Galaxy Fight Club yasgfc#0

Gm @GFC Degen

Just a quick reminder that we're going live now for our bi-weekly community AMA.


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Galaxy Fight Club
Galaxy Fight Club adogfc#0

@everyone check out the video summary of our latest bi-weekly update!


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