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the littles NFT

the littles NFT

we’re the littles and we just wanna have fun!

10,000 dreamers, explorers and mischief makers looking for new frens.

join us in our adventure to seize the memes of production from The Serious Grown Ups and put them in the hands of everyone who wants to create cool shnizz, play with frens and h…

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the littles NFT
the littles NFT Alphabot#8168

WINNERS: Webverse x the littles - See below for additional info @​aidenlih @​brandonsheahen.eth @​kripp_ @​raceyourself @​streetwearbay

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the littles NFT
the littles NFT vchan7#0

GmGm @everyone

littles holders only

Introducing the littles holder badge for TheFunPass!

This Badge will identify your littles ownership - and will grant you an edge in our Hawaii Round Trip Giveaway that is ending SOON 🍹

Claim your Badge before October 14th


  1. Sign-up for TheFunPass @ https://app.thefunpass.io/login (for the best experience please use mobile)

  2. Ensure your discord account is verified #✅︱littles-verification

  3. Open a #🤝︱ticket-support and ping @​vchan7.

  4. I will send you a unique 1x link to claim the badge. Alternatively send your TheFunPass account email and we can sort manually on the backend.

  5. Your extra ticket perk will be sent automatically before the end of the giveaway 🎟️

Have a good day,

Vchan 🙂

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the littles NFT
the littles NFT Alphabot#8168


• Wallets will be added direct to contract

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the littles NFT
the littles NFT Alphabot#8168

WINNERS: Wallet Wars x the littles @​ragebydefault @​0xgunter @​atth @​cyborgfilip @​hansfuchs @​heyyovico @​hlonly888 @​jesuskeanu_ @​Jms` @​_kapteyn @​kristopherlukas @​lucky2136 @​mw @​nightevo85 @​paxoloto @​poro3 @​scassy @​smurfbay @​weipsing @​zenwhale

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the littles NFT
the littles NFT vchan7#0

Gmgm littles! @everyone

Plushies are live and will be available to purchase from now until October 9th!

If you are a plushie competition winner you should have recieved your promo code to claim!

If there are any questions or issues please let me know!

Have a great day 🙂

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the littles NFT
the littles NFT vchan7#0

Gmgm our little frens! @everyone

the littles Plushies are making their way into Playside!

Get ready to meet our frens Jojo, Noms, and Taika as they prepare to meet new frens all around the globe! 💌

These adorable, 50cm plushies will be available for purchase from October 4th 12pm PST - October 9th 12PM PST on our shopify store shop.thelittles.io🧸

For our Plushie winners, you will be receiving an email w/ a unique promo code for you to claim your plushie! If there are any issues please contact me and I will assist!


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the littles NFT
the littles NFT Alphabot#8168


• Wallets will be added direct to contract

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the littles NFT
the littles NFT Alphabot#8168

WINNERS: Street Turtle Puddle Club x the littles @​0ddjob @​Aiden12 @​anon333.eth @​baller17 @​bluntface @​cyborgfilip @​daramizon @​dudu69420 @​fehnz @​gee.wiz @​gencay.eth @​0xghostpepper @​hansfuchs @​heyyovico @​hlonly888 @​janitrao.eth @​jesuskeanu_ @​jin.btc @​jkidd1084 @​jkong910 @​Jms` @​kapteyn @​levernucky @​lukeylupin @​mag3 @​matchagud @​maxmillions @​momoringg @​nenenene @​nightevo85 @​onion_funkari99 @​otoalchemist @​pokapunk @​poro3 @​redphishbishopdonjuandelanooch @​redvolverh @​silhom @​streetwearbay @​zenwhale

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the littles NFT
the littles NFT vchan7#0

Gmgm @everyone

Today marks one month since we launched TheFunPass! ⭐


The Richmond Night Market and TheFunPass have been a smashing breakthrough! We're generating the most volume on the NEAR blockchain on a weekly basis, uplifting night market operations and have welcomed over 4k unique people into web3!

If you haven't had the chance to check it out see: https://thefunpass.io/

Holder Meet Up at the Richmond Night Market

Now for holders who live nearby Richmond/Vancouver, Canada we want to invite you to a VIP experience that we are crafting to celebrate the littles!

SAVE THE DATE August 25th 7-9pm PST for an evening of free games, refreshments and more!

We are welcoming 10 holders to attend first come first serve! Please ping @​vchan7 for RSVP and we will coordinate.

Due to limited size, We ask that you only RSVP if you are 100%!

If you are a littles holder and you planned on going to the night market another day, do reach out to me and I'll see if there's any small perks we can add to your night 🙂

Thank you always for your support we are continually building and paving the way for the littles ❤️ 🙏

  • vchan

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the littles NFT
the littles NFT Alphabot#8168


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the littles NFT
the littles NFT Alphabot#8168

WINNERS: DimensionX x the littles @​0ddjob @​0xgunter @​.banksz @​bvlad @​chiapudding @​corntall9334 @​cyborgfilip @​fsn. @​haku7708 @​hlonly888 @​infinitelove.eth @​Jms` @​kapteyn @​lukeylupin @​cryptomaplelove @​me0624 @​medin13 @​momoringg @​ngcg @​rigidmoods @​silhom @​skyzor.eth @​.x4nd3r @​zenwhale @​zero_313

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the littles NFT
the littles NFT wil#1717

Empowering Our Community

This product and partnership is a significant milestone for the littles brand and we want to build this together, with you, our community. As we continue to create a world where joy and adventure know no bounds, TheFunPass is another avenue we are taking to give back to our community of holders in a way that has not been achieved in web3 before.

As a littles holder, you can take part in a new Play-Pal program by earning commission by referring businesses and operators to the app's expanding network.

In the spirit of decentralization, the Play-Pal program provides an opportunity for our community to be more actively involved, integrate a community-driven expansion, and equitable distribution of benefits.

Look out for more info coming soon!

Feel free to also get in touch with us directly info@thelittles.io

Empowering the Brand

With the littles featured in TheFunPass and as we continue to grow, we create more opportunities to expand our brand, creating lifelong fans and tackling a path that only the littles can tread.

Using the Night Market as a case study, we’ve been able to integrate the littles into the app along with physical onsite experiences all integrated with the littles. As we continue to expand and develop, IP licensing from holders will become a sustainable avenue for community growth.

At the same time, through exposure via partnerships, we have the opportunity to transform average users, to fans, to digital collectors.

What’s Next?

As we think about the vision for TheFunPass, we look to expand beyond events and incorporate a comprehensive platform across events, food and entertainment. By integrating with businesses in these domains, TheFunPass creates opportunities for cross-industry collaborations, fostering innovation and exploring new possibilities for web3 applications in various sectors.

TheFunPass™ presents a unique convergence of loyalty rewards, immersive experiences, and Web3 technology. As we step into the future of truly phygital experiences, every user can look forward to a redefined, gamified, and event experience like never before.

To celebrate our launch of TheFunPass, we're giving away a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Hawaii 🌺

And for our dreamers…you will receive a boost to their entries for dreaming (You must open a ticket and verify a few questions to claim)

Head over to thefunpass.io to enter the giveaway and walk through our live app!
TheFunPass: http://thefunpass.io/

hint There are ways to earn more entries throughout the upcoming weeks so make sure you sign up and follow our socials closely to learn how you can have the best chances of winning!

Thank you for your continued support and trust, we invite you to stay tuned for updates, new features, and thrilling adventures as we continue this littles journey.

Thank you for being a part of our littles family.

Much love,

  • wil

ps: as always bear or bull, we still here building ❤️
pps: check out our article with NEAR
ppps: please share the joy!
pppps: from us to you ❤️

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the littles NFT
the littles NFT wil#1717

Gmgm our little frens,

I am thrilled to share some incredible news with all of you!

For the past months we have had our heads down in developing and building; looking to elevate the littles in an impactful way.

More than just a NFT, we want to use the littles brand in a way that utilizes blockchain technology with real world application while keeping in mind our mission to
create moments of magic and happiness in our everyday lives.

Today, our team is proud to share with you TheFunPass™

Let’s dive in 🙌

The event industry is thriving, with the North American events industry projected to reach $1.1 trillion by 2027. By tapping into this vast market, we have a tremendous opportunity to revolutionize how events are experienced.

TheFunPass is a web3 loyalty platform that offers a brand-new model of interaction between the physical & digital worlds that empowers users, business operators, and the littles holders, fueled by the NEAR protocol.

At the heart of TheFunPass lies the belief that users should be active participants in shaping their own event experiences.

The mechanics of TheFunPass™ are simple:

Play Games
Collect STARs/Badges
Win Rewards

From physical merchandise and exclusive VIP experiences to digital collectibles and once-in-a-lifetime trips, the participation model offers a tangible sense of achievement, transforming the event experience.

DRUMROLL PLEASE…debuting at the Largest Night Market in North America…

We are excited to share that TheFunPass™ rewards app will debut at the Richmond Night Market, the largest night market in North America, re-imagining the entire event experience by connecting people through interactive missions, rewards, and personalized engagement.

We’ve been secretly testing and soft launching this platform in the previous weeks and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

“+800 users for a soft launch has reaffirmed our decision to support TheFunPass and the team’s vision to reimagine how we experience the night market with blockchain technology. The team has been executing at a high level and we’re excited to see what they deliver in the coming months.”

  • Dillon Success Team from NEAR Foundation

To celebrate this launch, we're also very excited to announce a special appearance by the pudgiest huddle we know…

@pudgypenguins will be featured at the Largest Night Market in North America to kick off the launch of TheFunPass!

More to come on this note*

For those that can’t check out the event in person, you can continue to engage in digital missions, games, and rewards, offering an immersive experience that extends beyond an events’ physical boundaries.

Empowering Businesses and Operators:

TheFunPass is not only a game-changer for users but also an invaluable tool for businesses and operators. The platform provides businesses with a powerful marketing tool to boost engagement and customer loyalty.

By partnering with TheFunPass, businesses can leverage missions, rewards, and the app's user base to create targeted missions that drive customer interaction and repeat visits. Additionally, the app provides businesses with valuable consumer behavior insights, enabling them to customize their offerings and establish meaningful connections with their audience.

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the littles NFT
the littles NFT vchan#0777

gm @everyone

little morning announcement reminder to follow our instagram! https://www.instagram.com/thelittles.io/

Also blessing you with some new discord/twitter banners this morning

Have a beautiful day ❤️

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the littles NFT
the littles NFT vchan#0777
10 months agoRead more
the littles NFT
the littles NFT wil#1717

gmgm our little frens,

TLDR: the littles have partnered with the LARGEST night market in North America!
(+1,000,000 visitors per season!!!) this is a whole summer activation, April - Oct 2023!

we are taking the littles to new heights starting with this brand new partnership!

after months of negotiations, designs, meetings, production, and execution, we are proud to introduce the littles World at the Richmond Night Market! 🎉

the Richmond Night Market is the LARGEST night market in all of North America, with over 1 million in attendance each and every year, 110+ food stalls, 500+ retail vendors and a dedicated entertainment area for everyone!

from April 28th - October 9th, the littles will be featured at the Night Market in a not so little way. The entire entertainment area will be converted into the littles experience for millions of couples, families and festival goers.

this experience will ultimately become an immersive, uplifting, wholesome experience for all!

this is our first step in becoming the positive, wholesome household name: the littles

this partnership lays the foundation for the littles IP to continue to scale and push through the envelope into a mainstream audience. as we continue to grow with more awareness and brand equity, we will be able to funnel the mass audience down to our genesis collection. this is how we generate value for our holders, by spreading the vision and growing the brand.

luca (pudgy) shared something that really resonated with me right from the very beginning.

the IP formula is quite simple.
10M ppl brand →
100k (1%) = hardcore fans →
10k (0.1%) = millionaire digital collectors
High demand → Low supply = High value

this isn’t some complex ponzinomics that's not sustainable.
this is how real IP brands like Disney, Pokemon are built.

with the added feature of web3, this allows us to really align incentives and build with our community. this is also the reason why the 5 casted “littles” are featured and exposed to millions! more activations and ways to monetize will be explored with these IPs.

having said this, the partnership with Night Market is only the 1st of potentially many more large scale experiences and opportunities on the horizon. let alone all the other tracks that we are continuously building, all of which are anchored by our community. we will have lots more opportunity to involve you in the process as we continue to lay the foundations.

speaking of laying foundations, this is a huge operation and requires tremendous execution from our team. kudos to the team for pulling through the last couple of months 🫶🏼

also, thank you for your support and patience along the way. let's take this time to really rally behind one another and celebrate this win together. 🚀

be proud to be a littles, and strap in for the adventure ahead!

lots more to share in the coming weeks & months, so stay tuned and follow us on instagram! http://instagram.com/thelittles.io

as I always say, bear or bull, we are here to build 🙂
much love


ps: join us at 1PM PST on discord, where we will recap our announcement, share more + BTS and answer questions. this will be recorded, if you have any questions you’d like to ask please share here:

pps: just to share some BTS. 🙂 you may see features of some BAYCs that are from our personal collection. reason for this is that the majority of normies know of BAYCs as a premium brand (much like a rolex), so utilizing that IP into our experience is what will bolster our brand. more experiments with these integrations to come.

pps: more on Richmond Night Market

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the littles NFT
the littles NFT vchan#0777


Save the date, !

Learn more about what's next for the littles and join the Q&A ⭐

Can't make it but have some questions you want to share?
Fill out this typeform: https://jrcjmf9kvzx.typeform.com/to/fzGQWV6i

AMA will be recorded and summary thread to follow on twitter!

Thank you all and talk soon

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the littles NFT
the littles NFT wil#1717


TLDR: time to ship!

last few months has been nonstop building for us.
VC meets, networking, strategizing, developing…
we have been building nonstop.

as we approach the next chapter of our journey, we’ve revisited what we, the littles, are all about. what we stand for, our vision and how you can partake in this journey tgt in true web3 fashion.

speaking of web3, digital ownership (aka. NFTs) has unlocked so many opportunities unseen before. from digital identity, to co-creation, to network effects, the list goes on. incorporating these features into web2 models is what will create the next frontier of brands that have much deeper relationships with its community and would forever change conventional business models.

as this new technology is still quite nuanced, it's up to us as pioneers to continue to experiment, to build, to fail, to revise, and to try again, over and over until we crack the code. this is especially important for us, with limited resources operating at the super sonic speed of web3.

we must come up with a thesis, test, and pivot; fast.
this iterative process is also what makes this journey so exciting.
now despite all the new tech advancements, meta models and shiny objects, what keeps us aligned and grounded is ultimately our Vision and Values.

Our Vision/Mission

as many of you may know, the littles is inspired by my daughter, Jordy.
i wanted to capture the purity of innocence, the limitless wonder, and unapologetic determination. all of which, to remind us of these long forgotten moments… that we all once had.

the goal is to bring joy to the world in our own ways. to always remain authentic to who we are. to go against the negative connotations of ponzi-nomics and predatory tactics that floods this space.

for the littles, this has always remained, our mission to become a household name for wholesome entertainment and products that promote positive values and to inspire each other.
in other words, creating moments of magic and joy in our everyday lives.

this includes everything from our merch, playside, art + animations, physical + digital experiences. we want everything we do to bring bite-sized pieces of wholesomeness, happiness, fun into the world.

this has always been the soul of what makes the littles what it is and we will continue to anchor around this mission.

Our Core Values

Fun, never boring: life is short - its all about creating beautiful memories and fun experiences.
Community: we are all uniquely us - this is our safe space to be accepted and belonged.
Integrity: being someone else is hard - be real. be authentic. be you.
Positivity: we all have choices - always choose to spread love and uplift one another.
Quality: do your best - don’t cut corners.

if our vision is one that you connect with, believe in, and our values are one that you align with, then this is the community for you.

really wanted to set the expectations before we begin bringing on fresh experiences to share with you.

more to share next week.
AMA Wednesday.
save the date 🙂

much love


ps: finding your "why" is critical and im very excited that the littles is inspired by jordy. 🫶🏼 because the last biz inspired by my beautiful wife, @​lurvli, we just celebrated the 10yr milestone - https://youtu.be/q2Tsu_aE0-c

pps: if you haven't alrdy, please take a peek in #📣︱founders-corner thats where i periodically share behind the scenes with you, when there are no announcements.

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the littles NFT
the littles NFT vchan#0777

@best fren alerts

Bubble rider is saving scores to the leaderboard now thank you for your patience

Play at: https://rides.imaginaryones.com/b-rider/littles

10 months agoRead more
the littles NFT
the littles NFT vchan#0777

Hey please note that there is an issue on their end where scores are not being saved. Their team has been flagged and I are awaiting a resolution from their Devs, will upate

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the littles NFT
the littles NFT vchan#0777


the littles x Imaginary Rides

There have been a lot of questions about this…

We’re happy to announce that we are collaborating with Imaginary Ones!

The Imaginary Rides is the 2nd collection brought to you by the team from Imaginary Ones.

Imaginary Ones has kindly allocated 50 VIP Allowlists for us to participate in their Bubble Rider game.

This is open to the @best frens only and you must be holding a genesis little, see #🔗︱official-links

What's Bubble Rider? 🫧

  • Bubble Rider is a skill-based web 3.0 game that uses one button to drift around a challenging course with corners and bumps

  • Score as high as possible by collecting bubbles and distance points through drifting

How It Works?

  1. Head over to https://rides.imaginaryones.com/b-rider and verify via Discord verification (No wallet connection needed). PC only

  2. Start drifting

  3. Your scores will be recorded on our the littles very own internal leaderboard and the top 50 will get a VIP Allowlist

See you on the Bubble Rider racetrack!

This competition ends on May 3rd!!

ps. if youre not good at games dont worry we have some more spots to give out 🙂

Have fun!

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the littles NFT
the littles NFT vchan#0777

Goodmorning @everyone

let's get visibility on our official Instagram Page

we are going to be sharing more on our socials so make sure you are tuned in!

there are great things in the works and can't wait to share with you all, ill leave you with this image

Have a good Friday/weekend,


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the littles NFT
the littles NFT vchan#0777

gmgm @best fren alerts

Congratulations to @​Ty for having won the Cryptofoxes event earlier! Check out how they brought his littles to life in their game!

I want to thank @​wingolos and his team for making an in-game character for the littles. Hoping our community can help to support them with a stress test on Saturday! Details in the tweet

Thank you and happy Friday!


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the littles NFT
the littles NFT vchan#0777

gmgm @everyone final reminder!

The Cryptofoxes event will end in 1 hour,

If you have finished the littles private event, post your score in #event-post-your-score especially if you've beaten 1 minute 39 seconds, the top score by @​MiNeKY !

Winner will have a custom character designed after their littles nft!

Game: https://www.cryptofoxes.io/runner-league

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the littles NFT
the littles NFT vchan#0777

@best fren alerts

Just want to shoutout @​Panda Montana for the awesome accomplishment!

For those who don't know a small handful of littles started a where they try to flip their way to 10E.

After several months @​Panda Montana was the first one to complete the challenge!

Good work @10E Completionist 🏆

Show him some love ⬇️


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the littles NFT
the littles NFT vchan#0777


Cryptofoxes AMA and game demo going on now join up!!


1 year agoRead more
the littles NFT
the littles NFT vchan#0777


You can now join the Cryptofox event!

  1. Head to https://www.cryptofoxes.io/runner-league

  2. Click play to open the game window

  3. Go to "Events" and choose the littles private event!

  4. Do your best, aim for the # 1 spot to have your littles become a playable character!

We will be hosting an AMA/game demo tomorrow 9am PST!

If any questions lmk!

Good luck and have fun!

  • Vchan

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the littles NFT
the littles NFT vchan#0777

AMA and live game demo for those interested Wednesday 9am pst!


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the littles NFT
the littles NFT vchan#0777

Goodmorning @everyone

We have a fun event coming up tomorrow!

Cryptofoxes x the littles!

The Details

Cryptofoxes has a playable platformer game available on PC, Runners League. From Tuesday to eod Friday, littles holders will be able to play in a token gated tournament!

The littles holder who comes in 1st will have their little made into a playable character in their game! This character will represent the littles brand within the cryptofoxes game!

This is an exciting opportunity to use your littles IP, shoutout to the Cryptofoxes team for the opportunity!

How to play: https://twitter.com/CryptoFoxesNFT/status/1573726439572230144

About Cryptofoxes

“Cryptofoxes is a project that wants to create a gaming platform that's open to everyone and also rewards skilled players through play-to-win structure and tournaments. The project was founded by Miinded in March 2021 with the goal of creating a brand centered around our fox character.

Our passion for vibrant and engaging pixel art will be on full display, as we aim to transport players to a unique world through our storytelling pixel art. At the heart of our project is the principle of asset ownership, which is central to the broader web3 view. We want to expand further with gaming and assets, to create an ecosystem that will allow players to interact with each other and the broader web3 community. In other words, to experience social communities and gaming all at once.”

Website: https://www.cryptofoxes.io/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CryptoFoxesNFT
Game: Cryptofoxes: https://www.cryptofoxes.io/runner-league

Stay tuned tomorrow for when the private tournament goes live!


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the littles NFT
the littles NFT vchan#0777

happy friday @everyone !

cool [secret] opportunity for your littles to be featured in an upcoming campaign in the future, potential to be seen by millions of people!

if your little isn't camera shy, please apply via twitter below 🙂


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the littles NFT
the littles NFT vchan#0777

Goodmorning frens!


Yogapetz raffles are live in #🍭︱best-fren-goodies for 72 hours!

There are two giveaways

  1. for 90 day dreamers. To get this role you must be dreaming for 90 days and enter your discord ID into DreamSpace! Check above announcement. There are A LOT of you who haven't done so. This is your warning to enter your discord IDs now! We will no longer add roles after Friday

  2. There are 15 spots for holders w/o 90 day requirement. You must have the best frens role at minimum from owning an OG/Genesis littles. Make sure you #✅︱littles-verification to claim your roles!

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the littles NFT
the littles NFT vchan#0777

goodmorning @everyone!

a note on raffles and some upcoming details!

For DreamSpace Raffles, we are looking to update the raffle UI and system, having taken community feedback from the memeland raffle and marketing research.

For this reason, in the meantime we are going to move raffles back into Discord via pandez bot which we've done previously.

Please ensure that you verify your littles assets in #✅︱littles-verification


Yogapets raffle will be our first raffle in this format to go live on Wednesday

We will be giving away 60 spots total, but to incorporate and honor Dreaming, and to reward our dreamers, 45 of those spots will be allocated to those who have been dreaming for a minimum of 90 days. This is near the time of arcade launch, and an extra perk of having been a dreamer.

15 spots will be allocated to the normal holder roles. (@best frens etc) We highly encourage to set your littles to dream for future perks
How to setup your wallet for giveaways via Pandez Bot

These will be 2 separate giveaways and dreamers can enter both

For Dreamers who have been dreaming for 90 days, a new role will be given to you prior to the raffle.

YOU MUST enter your FULL DISCORD ID and # to the DreamSpace Raffle Navigator.

Check the images below to see how to navigate and set your discord ID.

  1. Visit Arien in the DreamSpace and select 'Raffle Navigator'

  2. Select 'Manage Wallets'

  3. Enter your discord ID and select save

You will have around 48 hours to set this up before the raffle takes place!

Please let me know of any questions you may have!

Thank you

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the littles NFT
the littles NFT wil#1717


Major alert frens! Our frds over at @​Cyberkongz needs some help as their twitter account is currently compromised.

This is the opportunity for our nft community to band tgt and help prevent as much victims as possible.

One of the ways we can help is to report the account on twitter and to spread the word.

Below is how to report.

Stay safe out there frens 🫶

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the littles NFT
the littles NFT vchan#0777

Hey @everyone,

We have been noticing several communities have been compromised lately and just want to remind you that we will never stealth launch anything in discord or twitter.

We will never release a surprise mint

Please be safe out there and keep your wallets secure! Spread the word around ❤️

Enjoy your weekends!

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the littles NFT
the littles NFT vchan#0777

Gmgm our little frens! @everyone

Christmas is right around the corner and we just want to wish you a happy holiday heading into the weekend!

It's been a magical time the past year with you all

thank you for your support, frenship and being an integral part in our community! I look forward to our next adventures together as we tread closer into 2023!

wishing you the happiest of holidays this year!

  • the littles fam

ps. dont forget to claim your holiday BG remixer and christmas patch! https://playside.thelittles.io/

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the littles NFT
the littles NFT vchan#0777

gmgm @everyone

if you signed up for the floor app,

the free Floor App Invite mint for @thelittlesnft holders is now live!
Mint Here: https://www.floornfts.io/app-pass/thelittles

After minting your invite, download the app from the app store! https://www.floornfts.io/

Happy holidays!!

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the littles NFT
the littles NFT vchan#0777


We'll be going live on #🗣︱frens vc in around 5 mins! come join and hang out as we enter in the holidays! we will be reflecting on the year and going behind the scenes!

See you then and if not happy holidays ❤️

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the littles NFT
the littles NFT vchan#0777

gmgm @everyone

Our frens at Floor are providing all littles genesis and 1-upped littles early access to the Floor app! All littles and 1-up holders will have the opportunity to free mint a Floor App Invite beginning at 5pm EST on Thursday!

Register your wallet here if you would like to free mint your Floor App Invite!

Mint your Floor App Invite Here Beginning Thursday!

What is the Floor App?

Floor is the best way to stay connected to your NFT collections and assets. And soon, it’ll be a way for collections to communicate with their holders, and a platform for social discovery 👀
→ Track your portfolio
→ Multi-wallet support
→ Estimated value
→ Watch collections that you don’t own… yet 😉
→ Discover curated content
→ Collection Search

Download Floor on the App Store: https://www.floornfts.io/

Floor Twitter: https://twitter.com/floor
Floor Discord: https://discord.com/invite/floor

thank you to the floor team for hooking littles up!! ❤️

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the littles NFT
the littles NFT vchan#0777

Gmgm frens!


🎁 Playside Present 🎁

The holidays are right around the corner and we want to celebrate the littles way!

@best frens and @1-up littles in playside you will find a new gift box to claim! A present from littles’ very own santa clause!

In this present you’ll be able to claim a new BG remixer and a new patch to celebrate the Christmas season!

How 👇

This bg/patch claim is the same method as previous claims

▶️ Visit https://playside.thelittles.io/

▶️ Open your backpack and ‘Claim’ your holiday BG remixer!

▶️ Use your BG remixer in the lab on a 1UP’d littles. After saving to metadata, click the tweet button and retweet our tweet to claim your holiday patch!

The holiday BG remixer claim will be 1/ unique user. This will introduce exclusivity and scarcity to our BGs! Our data shows that a majority of our users only use 1 BG remixer.

If you’d like to grab an extra they will be available in the Prize Hut for 6 prize tickets while supplies last!

The claim will be open from


Make sure to claim yours as it will not be available after this period!!


Holiday Hangout

Join us on for a holiday hangout in discord!

We want to hangout and speak with our community as we move into the holidays! Come share some holiday cheer with the littles fam!

This is a more casual session where we want to focus on sharing our holiday stories, reflect on the past year and wind down for the new year with you!



To those who ordered merch, you should start seeing your delivery arrive just in time for the holiday season! Please keep an eye out for your order!

Share on twitter and we will send an in-game stocking stuffer to your playside account!!

Happy holidays frens!! ❤️

if any questions on gift claim lmk!

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the littles NFT
the littles NFT vchan#0777

gmgm @everyone

wil will be speaking on jenkins the valet twitter spaces! in 20 minutes!

come attend and show support for the littles!


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