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WonderPals is a collection of 10,000 delightfully cute pals. Our vision is to bring more joy to the world through community, creativity, and fun art! By artist & founder Mina.

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WonderPals mina_pal#0


Hello Pals! Holiday season is near and we have finally re-opened our gift shop, and we're having a big sale! Find the perfect gift for your loved ones — we'll throw in some extra freebies for you too!

Use the code "WONDERSALE" to get 20% off!

Shop now: https://shop.wonderpals.com

NOTE: if any orders gets overcharged for shipping I will refund the difference!

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WonderPals higjs#0

Happy Pal-o-ween!

HI PALS @everyone (it feels so nice to be saying that once again)

I hope everyone is doing okay?

I wanted to thank everyone who has reached out to check on both mine and my Father's well being. I am in good spirits and cannot thank Mina and the pals enough for allowing me the time and space needed to be there for my Dad during this incredibly tough time, he is not quite over the hill yet but we've made some great strides in terms of his health, getting him out of hospital and back home for the holidays.

We have continued to work with DeAPlaneta throughout the year and we're excited to share that they've been presenting our brand at trade shows

Costume competition
Tag us on Twitter or Discord with your best Pal-o-ween outfit and we'll pick some winners to receive a merch bundle!

(Bonus points for Wonderpal inspired costumes)

Please use the hashtag #paloween either on Twitter or Discord.

Entries close on 04.11.23 ⏳

Pumpkin carving
Show off your carving skills by submitting your pal-o-ween inspired pumpkins!

We'll pick a couple winners to receive a merch bundle!

(Bonus points for Wonderpal inspired pumpkins)

Please use the hashtag #paloween either on Twitter or Discord.

Entries close on 04.11.23 ⏳

Pumpkin pal template

A fun template created by the awesome Combo team 🎃


WonderPals x Bueno World

Seeking artsy illustrators, storytellers and imaginative gamification savvy pals (psst…no coding wizardry required!)

Let's build a world for our Wonderpals!

More information coming soon 👀

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WonderPals higjs_#0

Good MORNING pals!

@everyone I have a couple updates for you as we head into summer…

Before I go on I wanted to stress the importance of taking breaks when needed, this space can move 100mph at times and keeping up can feel like you're drowning. If you're feeling stressed, angry or tired then log off, touch grass, reach out to a pal or do all three because I promise it'll help

You'll always have your pals, we are going nowhere, the plan has and always will be to turn the WonderPals into a household brand and everyday we're getting closer to accomplishing that goal.

If anyone needs to talk then i'm always here whenever you need me and I truly mean that!

Summer schedule 🌻
I'm excited to announce that in the coming weeks I will be rolling out all of the events, activities and contests we have planned for the community throughout the summer.

Twitter Spaces - I will be joining and hosting more spaces to help start growing the WonderPals brand again after a fairly quiet couple of months on socials, we will have our first WonderPal Wednesday town hall in a long time where we'll be able to give project updates and talk about what we have planned going into the second half of 2023.

Art Contest - Our flagship art contest returns with lots of prizes up for grabs, this will be summer themed and i'll make sure there is a nice prize pool of pals and goodies available!

Scavenger Hunt - Soon it'll be time to go outside and touch grass again as we hunt for items and treasure… but this time with a twist

Spring art contest POAP - I will be putting out a google form shortly so people can submit their wallet and receive the "I voted" POAP as promised

Metaverse - We are thinking about changing our plans regarding the floor we were given by Ethereum Towers, the initial plan by Derp was to have it as a community Metaverse hub but I am leaning more towards hosting some type of contest and raffle in order to give the apartments (We have 20) away to our amazing community.

I would love to hear any feedback on this and in the coming days I will put it up for a vote via #🏠|community-updates so everyone can have their say on this topic. Please do tag me via #💬|pal-chat if you have any thoughts on this matter and we can discuss there or take it to a private setting depending on your preference.

Stickers - I'm pleased to say we have finally resolved the issue with pack 1 on Sticker.ly so it is now available for download once more and can be used across Whatsapp, iMessage and other messaging apps.

Sticker.ly packs
Pack 1 - https://sticker.ly/s/5Q5TVJ
Pack 2 - https://sticker.ly/s/JJ3DNL

Telegram packs (thank you @​tikeii )
Pack 1 - https://t.me/addstickers/WonderPals1
Pack 2 - https://t.me/addstickers/WonderPals2

DeAPlaneta - I am currently liaising with the team at DeAPlaneta to find out what we can and cannot showcase to our community during this creative process period. I understand you're all desperate for an update on that front and i'm hoping i'll have something for you very soon… 👀

Community - I have a bunch of plans in the works which will reward and celebrate our amazing community, we are so thankful for you pals and we wouldn't be here without your undying love and support through the toughest of times for web3 and the crypto market.

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WonderPals higjs_#0

GM @everyone

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Soho, a new mobile platform for NFT creators and collectors

We have been given an exclusive invite code for our community!

The Soho mobile app helps you discover new opportunities, stay up to date with your portfolio and interests, and find inspiration from top collectors and creators.

They are founded by a team from Instagram and backed by top investors and collectors, including Khosla Ventures, Collab+Currency, Cozomo, Punk 6529, gmoney, OSF, Bharat Krymo, and more.

Soho is currently available on the iPhone, with Android coming soon. The app is invite-only for select members and communities. Please see below for instructions on how to access the app.


  1. Download Soho from the App Store: https://soho.xyz/app or by searching Soho in the app store

  2. Use your invite code to create an account: wonderpals

  3. Follow us on Twitter for more updates: https://twitter.com/sohoxyz

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WonderPals higjs_#0

Happy Saturday @everyone 🌻

Let's all show our CN community lead @​hahazwei some love and appreciation for throwing what looked like just the cutest event in Beijing this weekend

Haha has been a huge factor when it comes to growing our presence in Asia and we are so thankful that she decided to call the WonderPals her web3 home 🫧



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WonderPals HIGJS_#1419

Good morning @everyone

I just wanted to provide a brief update as to what we're working on in the background as I know things might seem a little quiet right now but rest assure we are working away behind the scenes.

DeAPlaneta 🌞
We are currently in the final stages of completing our style guide which once finished will be sent to clients and displayed at trade fairs dedicated to kids and adults lifestyle brands throughout the summer.

We have been working with a marketing agency to execute our style guide to ensure it's delivered to industry standards and beyond.

We understand that as holders you want more information on the DeAPlaneta partnership as it's a big topic whenever discussing the future of the WonderPals and what that might look like. We are hoping that once we have the style guide finalised and a few other internal things agreed upon that we'll be able to start sharing more content and peaks behind the curtain so you can start getting excited about what we've been working on over the last 6 months.

We appreciate the faith and patience shown during this process and we can't wait to involve you more whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Partnerships 🤝
I have been actively working on delivering more web2 and web3 partnerships, as you all know I recently underwent a small knee operation which has sidetracked me over the last couple of weeks but i'm starting to get back on my feet and I have a bunch of calls scheduled towards the end of the week with web2 retail companies and exciting web3 projects so keep an eye out on that front 👀

The market and web3 space in general is in a bit of a weird spot right now, companies who were ready to dive into crypto and NFTs this time last year are now taking a step back which means opportunities are limited. I am hoping once market conditions pick up we will see a stream of web2 companies re-enter the space and we'll be here waiting for them when they do.

Community and events

Now the Spring Contests have been and gone i'll be looking ahead to our summer events schedule so expect to see a fun filled summer events roster soon!

We have always prided ourselves on our community events and we will continue to do so!

Collabs & Raffles 🎟️
We have always been very selective as to who we work with and even more so during this current market, we've seen incredible artists and teams fail to move the needle during a really tough period where NFTs seem to have been all but forgotten about.

I will continue to seek out only the best opportunities for our community so we can at least get a seat at the table before the market decides a new projects fate.

If there is a project you're particularly excited about then you're always welcome to ping me via #💬|pal-chat or open a ticket via #✋|ticket-center to put it on my radar.


We have never been one of those projects who put out fluff announcements just to appear busy, there may well be periods like this one where there just isn't much to scream and shout about but we understand it's important to keep our holders looped into what we're working on.

Nothing has changed, we're still determined and committed to turning the WonderPals into a household lifestyle brand and I still believe Mina has one of the best IP's in the space and i'm working every day to share it with the world.

Reminder, I am an open book to you guys so if there is anything you'd like to discuss then please reach out. I have had a couple calls with holders recently and it's been amazing connecting with some of you and hearing your perspectives RE the WonderPals.

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WonderPals HIGJS_#1419

GM @everyone

Thank you for your patience, I put a brief explanation in #💬|general-chat and #💬|pal-chat the other day but TLDR i've had a dodgy knee since I was 15 thanks to sports and a last minute opportunity presented itself for me to have a procedure done on it this Tuesday just gone.

The above meant the Spring Time Art Contest winners announcement was delayed.

Winners 🏆

1 - @​omecat🦇🔊 (WP NFT)
2 - @​shar | smcapital.eth (WP NFT)
3 - @​rvss (FOAMI)
4 - @​HappyBeany (Plushie, stickers and pin)

Please open a ticket via #✋|ticket-center to claim your prize.

A huge thanks to everyone who took time to enter into the contest, I know Mina and myself had an incredibly tough time narrowing the winners down to 4.

The POAP will be available for participants and voters early June

Imaginary Rides
Congratulations @​foami and @​humzoniusZero for winning the Imaginary Rides raffle, if you haven't already then please open a ticket and submit your wallet.

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WonderPals HIGJS_#1419

GM @everyone

I have a couple of updates for you 🌻

Spring Art Contest 🌸
The winners have been chosen and i'll be announcing them on Monday!

1st - WonderPal NFT
2nd - WonderPal NFT
3rd - Custom FOAMI
4th - Small merch bundle

Imaginary Rides Giveaway🏎️
Once the giveaway concludes in a couple of hours I will look to send out the winners prizes on Monday.

ZTX Twitter Space
Join me on Wednesday as I sit down and chat with the ZTX official team about their upcoming Metaverse launch!


AL raffle to follow after the space!

Mosaics Raffle🧩
One of the OG's of the WonderPals community @​BobaBae has a new venture also known as Mosaics.

Mosaics is a large-scale interactive art project. Built by the community for the community. A new Mosaic every day.

We're excited to support Boba and raffle off some spots to the community.

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WonderPals HIGJS_#1419


WonderPals x Imaginary Rides Giveaway FINALE!

To round off what was an amazing partnership between ourselves and the IO team we are raffling off two Imaginary Rides to our community to say thank you for your participation in the event and of course for your continued support!

Giveaways are now live via - #🎉|giveaways

A huge thanks to the IO team for including us in such a fun initiative! 🏎️

Good luck PALS!

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WonderPals HIGJS_#1419

GM pals!

A big thank you to @everyone who took time to vote in the Spring Time Art Contest! 🌼

Entires have been narrowed down to a top 10 based off the posts with the most reactions

Top 10
@​shar | smcapital.eth
Bobbisox (if you're in the Discord please ping me in #💬|general-chat so I can tag you)

I will get together with @​mina sometime over the next week so we can pick out the top 4 entries!

A HUGE thank you once again to everybody who entered ✨ https://twitter.com/WonderPals/status/1657048354679840771?s=20

Ps - When the POAP is ready to claim for entrants and voters I will let you all know!

Have a great weekend pals!

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WonderPals HIGJS_#1419

Springtime Art Contest - VOTE 🌼

It's time to vote pals!

First of all let me say a huge thank you to everyone who took time out of their day to create and submit a piece of art for this contest.

I've said it before but i'm blown away by the creativity of this amazing community

Voting Structure

  • 72 hours

  • React with a single emoji on your favourite entry

  • You can use multiple emojis to react to an entry but please note only 1 will be counted as a vote

  • You can react to multiple entries

  • At the end of the 48 hour voting period the top 10 entries will make it to the final round

  • Myself and @​mina will pick the top 4 entries to receive a prize

  • Everyone who entered will receive a POAP

  • Everyone who votes will receive a POAP

Prize Pool

2 x WonderPals (#5676 & #3591)
1 x Giftshop bundle (Hat, stickers and pin)
1 x Personalised FOAMI

@everyone please head to #spring-art-vote and place your vote now!

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WonderPals HIGJS_#1419

Happy Friday Pals!

I just wanted to let everybody know that the #spring-art-contest has now ended! 🌼

It ran a couple days over due to a really hectic week so apologies about that and thank you all for being so understanding on that front!

Thanks so much to each and everyone of you who took part in some way shape or form

With everything that's happened over the last 7 days i've been stretched really thin so i'll be spending a lot of time with my family over the weekend (bank holiday over here in the UK) and then on Monday I will announce the 48 hour community voting structure followed by the winners announcement on Wednesday! 🎁

Have an amazing weekend @everyone

EDIT - Someone just pointed out that their friends entry wasn't RT'd or included in the designated Discord channel. Upon further investigations it appears some entries aren't showing up under the #

If you or someone you know has entered and not had their work RT'd and submitted in the #spring-art-contest channel then please reach out and ping me in #💬|general-chat

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WonderPals HIGJS_#1419

GM @everyone

I wanted to share a brief update with you all regarding Tutu, this past weekend we have discovered some information regarding Tutu and certain statements she's made which we believe do not fall in line with the WonderPals brand or it's core values.

Due to this discovery we have removed Tutu as HostPal and CN community lead.

From the very beginning "Be Kind" has been at the core of the WonderPals brand and we wholeheartedly believe in this message and it is for that reason we will remove anyone who we feel does not associate themselves with the brands core value.

We want to work with people who have only the best intentions at heart when it comes to the project and our amazing community.

Have a great day pals!

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WonderPals HIGJS_#1419

GM @everyone

I've had something urgent pop up over the weekend which acquires my immediate attention for the next couple of days.

So regarding the #spring-art-contest I will extend the deadline until Thursday whilst I work on this urgent matter.

Thank you to everyone who has entered so far, i've been absolutely blown away by the creativity of this amazing community! 🎨

Have a great week pals!

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WonderPals HIGJS_#1419

Happy Friday PALS!

I wouldn't usually send a server wide ping for floor movement / someone sweeping WonderPals but from the reoccurring questions in #💬|general-chat and #💬|pal-chat I can see there is some confusion and I wanted to do my best to address it.

"Why are we pumping?"

First of all nothing major has been announced and if anything does get announced you'll be the first to hear about it via #📣|announcements

So then why are we pumping? The truth is or at least IMO there is no real reason for this pump outside of a few potential factors…

  • Our AMAZING CN community rallying on socials

  • 1 wallet has bought almost 1500 WonderPals

  • Blur farmers seeing the pump and joining the action 📈

  • The market is in a funny place and we've seen so called "bluechips" crumble to dust due to poor treatment of their community and failure to execute on too many promises

  • This has led people to try find new homes and communities within web3 and why wouldn't someone want to join this amazing group of people, you all rock!

  • People might be looking to place new bets on projects who are established / building towards big things

  • We have an IP deal with DeAPlaneta and just 5 minutes of research shows how impressive they are as an agency and especially when it comes to building a global IP ✨

  • We haven't launched a second collection so this leaves room for speculation

  • Mina has one of the cutest IPs in the game!

  • Nothing has "leaked" to cause said pump

  • In the coming days you won't see a major project announcement

  • We're extremely focused on building out our IP alongside other brand deals with DeAPlaneta and other companies

  • We run an extremely tight ship when it comes to our business ops (me & mina)

  • Like all of you we're hoping the person who has invested so much over the last couple days has genuine intentions / loves the project and it's potential and that's why they're buying

  • We have no plans for a second collection as of right now, we're not dismissing the chances of a second collection but as always it's only IF it makes sense and fits into the lore / WonderPal world building

Let me be transparent and say this huge 2 day sweep was as much news to us as it was you

If the buyer is in the Discord please do reach out, i'd love to chat

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WonderPals HIGJS_#1419


Just a friendly reminder that along with the highs and excitement of trending there will be bad actors looking to exploit that excitement for their own financial gain.

So to reiterate, we have NOT airdropped anything to our holders and we've not made an announcement surrounding a second collection.

Please be safe out there pals and REMEMBER all major project updates will come via #📣|announcements

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WonderPals HIGJS_#1419


WonderPals x Walt's Vault

"I only hope that we don’t lose sight of one thing – that it was all started by a mouse."

Walt’s Vault is a magical, hand-crafted collection that brings a new character and a nostalgic art form to life on the blockchain. Harkening back to the 1930s, the magic and storytelling of that time will be reflected in every way our community experiences the ownership of their characters. This collection pushes what is possible in the space and NFT’s as a whole.

The art is an end, not a means. A team of world-class animators, artists, and storytellers are bringing this collection to life but it’s the holders that will push it into the future with complete creative freedom at their disposal.

We believe art and a little magic can still go a long way in this space.

2x last minute spots for WonderPal holders!

Raffle to be drawn -

Premint - https://www.premint.xyz/wonderpalsxwaltsvault/



Twitter - https://twitter.com/WaltsVault_NFT
Discord - https://discord.gg/waltsvault

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WonderPals HIGJS_#1419

A big GM and a happy Monday Pals! 🌸

Just a little reminder that our collaborative drop with the amazing @​ilyakazakov goes live at the top of the hour!

Drop details

A big thanks once again to Ilya for inviting us to be apart of this fun initiative!

Good luck

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WonderPals HIGJS_#1419

Happy Sunday Pals!

I hope @everyone has had a good weekend?

Some updates for you… 🗞️

Hanami x WonderPals 🌸
Our collaborative drop with the incredibly talented @​ilyakazakov launches tomorrow!

A big thank you to Ilya for including the pals in this drop

Let's chat!
I believe getting to know our holders and what their idea of success looks like is crucial for the WonderPals in terms of not only becoming a global brand but sustaining this amazing community we've built together, so with that being said I would love to hop on a call with anyone who wants to discuss absolutely anything WonderPal related!

Register your interest here - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfa5XyPIu6dEsuV4zcH5jLworY5oisGKM9ElDnYlPc8RUMLqQ/viewform

I am here to serve you guys and I want to make sure that as holders you know how important your voice and feedback is to the growth of this project

Springtime Art Contest 🎨
A friendly reminder that our Springtime art contest is still live for another week!

Deadline -
Current entries - #spring-art-contest
Prize pool - 2x WonderPals, 1x Giftshop bundle, 1 personalised FOAMI by the legend @​foami

Thanks to all the pals who have entered so far, we've had some beautiful submissions! 🌼

Scavenger Hunt 🔎
First off let me just thank everyone who took some time out of their weekend last week to take part in our Wonderhunt!

It's always nice to keep up with traditions and it was amazing to see the same enthusiasm for this hunt just like the one last Spring / Easter!

Now the important part… THE WINNERS! 🏆

First place - WonderPal NFT @​Em_Jays 🌺
Second place - Alchemy Chains WonderPal mascot chain @​gbrie
Third place - Merch bundle @​Ants

CONGRATS PALS - please open a ticket via #✋|ticket-center to claim your prize!

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WonderPals HIGJS_#1419


This is your final reminder that the CiderPals Premint closes in 6 hours!

You will NOT be able to claim your gift card once the window has expired and as there will be no more claims after this one, the Cider team will not be able to add any missing amounts onto the next claim window as they have done in the past.

If you do not register before the window closes then there is nothing the WonderPals or Cider team can do.

Numerous Discord pings and reminders have gone out plus an email from Cider so please do not open up a ticket after the fact because there is nothing we'll be able to do this time around due to the partnership ending

Dedicated Cider x WP channel - #🍎|cider-x-wp
Premint - https://www.premint.xyz/ciderpals-benefits-redemption-4/

Have a great day pals!

@everyone @CiderPal

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WonderPals HIGJS_#1419

Hanami x WonderPals 🌸

We are thrilled to collaborate with the incredibly talented @​ilyakazakov on a very limited supply piece titled Wonder Sakura for WonderPal and Hanami holders

More details to come soon pals! 👀

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WonderPals HIGJS_#1419

The Springtime WonderHunt has now ended 🌼

If anyone has any buzzer beater entries i'll allow a couple more hours for you to submit them.

Tomorrow morning (I'm EU based) i'll take count of the entries, conduct a raffle and post the winners by Sunday! 🎟️

Finally, thank you so much to everyone who participated!

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WonderPals HIGJS_#1419


WonderPals x Imaginary Rides

Imaginary Rides is the 2nd collection brought to you by the team from Imaginary Ones.

It is a fully 3D-animated collection of world-class art crafted from scratch that features rides from air, land and sea.

Holders of Imaginary Rides will gain access to the Imaginary Ones ecosystem, future offerings, and IO tokens.

There will be no public mint for Imaginary Rides, all allowlist spots will be given out via Bubble Rider game participation @ https://rides.imaginaryones.com/b-ride

10x CollectorPal -https://www.premint.xyz/WonderPalsxImaginaryRidesCOLLECTORPAL/
15x WonderWhale - https://www.premint.xyz/WonderPalsxImaginaryRidesWHALEPAL/
25x WonderPal - https://www.premint.xyz/WonderPalsxImaginaryRidesWP/

Reminder - We have 50 additional AL spots for the top 50 racers in our community, be sure to check out the post above this one to learn how to hit the track and lodge your score!



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WonderPals HIGJS_#1419

The Springtime WonderHunt begins! 🌼

Venture outside and join the hunt pals! 🔎


  • We have a list of 30 items which you'll need to find 📸

  • You must find all of the items to be entered into the prize pool raffle.

  • You must include your Discord ID in the photos of the items.

  • Once you've completed the hunt please add your photos to the grid attached to this post.

  • To submit your entry you need to upload a photo of your completed grid to Twitter and tag our account (@ WonderPals) along with the hashtag #SpringWonderHunt

  • You have from now until to submit your entry.

  • When the deadline passes I will collect all of the eligible entries and raffle the prizes off amongst them.


  • 1 x WonderPal NFT

  • 1 x Alchemy Chains WonderPal mascot chain

  • 1 x Merch bundle (Plush, pin and stickers)

Have fun @everyone and go touch some grass!

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WonderPals HIGJS_#1419

Happy Friday Pals!

Who's ready to go on a WonderHunt this weekend? 🔎

Couple reminders…

The Springtime Art Contest is now live until and you can find all of the details on how to enter on the post above this one or via this channel #spring-art-contest

The Imaginary Rides AL competition is live via #🎁|giveaway-announcements compete against your fellow pals and try secure an AL spot by placing in the top 50 racers amongst our community! 🏎️ https://rides.imaginaryones.com/b-rider/wonderpals

Have a great weekend pals!

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WonderPals HIGJS_#1419

WonderPals Spring art contest! 🎨🌼

I'm excited to launch our Spring x WonderPals themed creative art contest!

All you need to do is create some art, it can be physical or digital any medium is fine!

The art needs to be spring themed or reflect your favourite memory from Springtime.

It of course needs to incorporate the WonderPals too!

It was a ton of fun seeing all the summer contest entries so I look forward to seeing where your imagination takes you this time around!

Remember the most important thing here is to have FUN!

How to submit your entry
Enter the competition by uploading your art to Twitter and tagging the official WonderPals Twitter page (@ WonderPals) and also be sure to use the hashtag #wonderpalspring


Once the deadline passes the winners will be chosen shortly afterwards!

Prize pool
2 x WonderPals
1 x Giftshop bundle (Plushie, stickers and pin)
1 x Personalised FOAMI

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WonderPals HIGJS_#1419

WonderPals x Imaginary Rides

We’re happy to announce that we are collaborating with Imaginary Ones!

Imaginary Rides is the 2nd collection brought to you by the team from Imaginary Ones

Imaginary Ones has kindly allocated 100 VIP AL spots for us to participate in their Bubble Rider game!

What's Bubble Rider? 🫧🏎️

  • Bubble Rider is a skill-based web 3.0 game that uses one button to drift around a challenging course with corners and bumps

  • Score as high as possible by collecting bubbles and distance points through drifting

How It Works?

  1. Head over to https://rides.imaginaryones.com/b-rider and verify via Discord verification (No wallet connection needed)

  2. Start drifting

  3. Your scores will be recorded on our very own WonderPal internal leaderboard and the top 50 racers will get a VIP Allowlist!

WonderPals internal leaderboard - https://rides.imaginaryones.com/b-rider/wonderpals

See you on the Bubble Rider racetrack @everyone!



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WonderPals HIGJS_#1419

GM Pals!

Sadly we're going to have to rearrange the Easter crafts session myself and Isabella had planned as she woke up in the middle of the night being sick. I have rearranged it for Friday in the hopes she's feeling better or at least well enough to participate and if not you'll be stuck with me.

Not going to lie to you all it's been a tricky couple of weeks IRL for me and I apologise for letting that filter into any community plans we've made.

New date and time - https://discord.com/events/918526092875300944/1093659100728016967

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WonderPals HIGJS_#1419

GM Pals!

I’ve been trying to go live for the last 15 minutes but the storm where I live keeps shutting out my internet.

Will look to stream when it settles down and if that doesn’t work I’ll move the playthrough to a different day this week!

@Game Announcements

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WonderPals HIGJS_#1419

We are live with the awesome Figuregot team!

Twitter space link - https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1yoKMZkOZpYGQ

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WonderPals HIGJS_#1419


GM pals, just checking in to say hi and wish all those who are partaking in Ramadan and Easter festivities an amazing couple of weeks ahead

I did have an exciting weekend planned filled to the brim with lots of activities, twitter spaces and giveaways but due to personal issues I will now be tied up all weekend taking care of my Grandad. I will be moving those plans to next week now but let me go ahead and share some of the fun stuff you can all look forward to!

I'm super excited to be hosting the amazing Figuregot team as we spotlight their project and look ahead to their upcoming launch!

Space link - https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1yoKMZkOZpYGQ
Discord event - https://discord.com/events/918526092875300944/1093647736739471390

ZTX x WonderPals

Last week we were announced as part of ZTX's first wave of partners for their upcoming Metaverse alongside Pudgy Penguins, Yoots, DeGods, Sappy Seals, Claynosaurz and more!

Join me as I sit down with their team and talk about their upcoming launch and what the vision is for their Metaverse.

We will also have a bunch of AL spots to give out to our community so stay tuned!

Space link - Time still TBC!

Hogwarts Legacy
Episode 2 of our community Hogwarts legacy playthrough! 🪄

During episode 1 we got sorted into Hufflepuff so join us for episode 2 as our journey truly begins!

Discord event - https://discord.com/events/918526092875300944/1093648506574622851

Easter arts and crafts! 🧶

Join myself and Isabella as we bake cookies and decorate eggs in the style of our favourite WonderPals!

I'll post a recipe list in the coming days and hopefully you'll be able to join us! 🍪

I will leave this event open for a couple of days and then at the end of the week i'll let Isabella pick her favourite egg pal to win a prize! 🎁

Discord event - https://discord.com/events/918526092875300944/1093659100728016967

Easter / Spring art contest begins! 🌼

Similar to last summers art contest i'll be hosting a fun spring themed event with prizes up for grabs for the best illustrations / creations as voted by the community! ✨

Discord event - https://discord.com/events/918526092875300944/1093660974940164166

Our annual Easter WonderHunt returns! 🗺️

Just like last year it's time to put down our screens and touch some grass as we embark on a hunt for numerous items in order to win some prizes! 🔎

Discord event - https://discord.com/events/918526092875300944/1093662889400868954

Events prize pool

  • WonderPals

  • Merch

  • WonderPal mascot chain

  • Custom foami

  • Stickers

I hope @everyone has an amazing weekend!

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WonderPals HIGJS_#1419


Hello Pals!

As many of you know, last year we announced our exciting partnership with DeAPlaneta Entertainment! This past Wednesday, Myself and @​mina sat down with DeAPlaneta's chief brand officer Diego Ibañez and his team to discuss brand strategy, IP and lots more exciting stuff.

The contract we signed is a multi-year partnership so it's important to keep in mind just how much time goes into growing a brand from an NFT project to a household name. I understand how excited a lot of pals are about this partnership so I wanted to provide a brief update.

I was personally blown away by the brand strategy the DeAPlaneta team shared with us in our meeting, and although I can't say too much at this moment, IMO they truly have their finger on the pulse in terms of where both myself and Mina see this brand going in the years to come.

For those wondering what this partnership might entail, DeAPlaneta is considering plans to support us with the following:

  • Merchandising - Short and long form content - Digital collectibles - Gaming - Storytelling / World building - Establishing ourselves as a lifestyle brand

In the weeks to come DeAPlaneta will be meeting with different screenwriters and directors to begin the storytelling & world building phase for WonderPals. I can't give any names right now but I can say that their shortlist of candidates consists of industry experts who have worked for brands such as Dreamworks, Nickelodeon, Netflix, Hello Kitty, Warner Brothers and more.

When we have more details set in stone, we hope to give you all a more thorough update when it comes to our long-term brand strategy and the future of our partnership with DeAPlaneta!

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WonderPals HIGJS_#1419

GM Pals!

We are live with the Ethereum Towers team looking back on our original partnership before looking ahead to their upcoming MVP launch!

Reminder - We own the entire 85th floor within their Metaverse!


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WonderPals HIGJS_#1419

Thank you to anyone who tuned in and watched our adventure begin in Hogwarts Legacy! 🪄

We completed the first mission and we got sorted into….🥁🥁🥁


Until next time pals!

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WonderPals HIGJS_#1419

We are live! 🪄

Potter Pals x Hogwarts Legacy!

I'm 10 minutes late because my headset wasn't picking up my voice on Twitch so i'm in the Games Room VC if anyone wants to hop in and say hi!

Twitch stream - https://www.twitch.tv/wonderpalsnft

@Game Announcements

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WonderPals HIGJS_#1419


WonderPals x Figuregot

The first Figuregots were created over a decade ago by Jess and Callum. As children, Jess and Callum allowed their imaginations to run wild as they drew and constantly evolved their Figuregot character.

Figuregots were initially contrasting and had dissimilar designs of all shapes and sizes, each character was given a power level that determined the strength/rarity within the collection, before being laminated to be displayed. As Jess continued to develop her skills and become one of the most accomplished young artists in and out of the NFT space, the time felt right to return to her childhood character.

Having spent most of her career as an artist doing work for her clientele, this was the perfect opportunity to work with complete creative freedom, exploring the depths of her imagination and limits as an artist. Fast forward to early 2021, a plethora of design iterations have been constructed by Jess inspired by the original collection to get to the point we are at today

Set between the present day and 2777, Figuregot follows Smith, the lonely creator of the Figuregots, as he lives in his shack with nothing but tools and ore.

Supply: TBA
Mint Price: TBA

Raffles now live in #🎉|giveaways



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WonderPals HIGJS_#1419

We are live with the awesome Grumbies team!


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WonderPals HIGJS_#1419

Happy Tuesday Pals!

Let's look forward to the week ahead…

I'm excited to host the amazing Grumbies team later today as we look ahead to their upcoming launch! ✨

Twitter space - https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1rmxPkqlzRdJN

Team update
@​mina has posted the update in #📣|announcements

TLDR… my role as head of partnerships has finally been announced and i'm VERY excited to take full control of partnerships for the WonderPals!

We have just the one raffle this week, we are continuing to stick to our trusted formula of quality over quantity.

Figuregots raffle to be launched in the next 24 hours!

Reminder - The Grumbies Premint raffles have been drawn so please head over to the Premint page to see if you were successful.

Hogwarts Legacy Playthrough
I will be going live on Twitch this Friday at to begin our weekly community games night! 🎮

The first game we'll play together is Hogwarts Legacy! (Thanks Mina for the amazing Potter Pal)
I also plan on rotating between some fun multiplayer games in the future so the whole community can play along together!

Twitch channel - https://www.twitch.tv/higjs (Trying to get access to the WonderPals twitch account via Derp but until then it'll be hosted on this channel)

Ethereum Towers
Last year we were given an entire floor within Ethereum Towers Metaverse and i'm excited to announce that their MVP is just around the corner!

I'll be hosting Shane from the Ethereum Towers team next Monday to catch up and start gaging when the community can gain access to our floor and what we can do with it!

Twitter space - https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1YqKDoRZlXLxV?s=20

Giving back
To celebrate my new role I will be giving away one of my WonderPals plus a WonderPals chain I had commissioned by the super talented Alchemy Chains.

I'm just figuring out a fun way of giving them away, perhaps a WonderPals meme contest?

(Go check him out https://twitter.com/alchemychains)

Looking forward
Now that we finally have some clarity RE Derp and his position you should expect some big changes in the weeks to come. I understand that the way we communicate with the community hasn't been up to scratch as of late but hopefully Mina's announcement provides some context as to what we've been dealing with behind the scenes and why it's been a slow start to the year.

Have a great week

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WonderPals mina#8080


Hello Pals!

I wanted to share a team update with you all!

I’m excited to officially announce that @​Tom Pal is joining the WonderPals team as our new Head of Partnerships. As many of you know, Tom is an amazing father and shares his love for WonderPals with his family and has so much passion for the pals. I am so thankful for his dedication and hard work especially during these past few months.

Also, you may have noticed that Derp is no longer around. Unfortunately, we have not been able to get in touch with him since the new year and in order to continue on as a project, we must look forward. I am grateful to Tom for stepping up and helping me with everything and I wish Derp the best and am thankful for his contributions during the past year.

Here is a statement from @​Tom Pal:

"I am super honoured to be joining the WonderPals team as Head of Partnerships. I've spoken about it often, but the special place this project and brand has in my heart will continue to drive me to help build this IP into the global brand we all know it has the potential to be.I see the excitement and joy these cute little pals instil in my daughter, and it's contagious. It's a feeling I want to share with the rest of the world 100 times over.I'm excited to continue building relationships, both old and new, with our friends in the web3 space. I'm also super excited about advancing this project's fantastic work when it comes to partnering with retail brands. I look forward to working closely with @​TutuCrypto @​hahazwei @​Cloudandy and continuing to support all of their amazing efforts within the Asia web3 community. As a holder since mint I can assure you that mine and Isabella's love for Mina, this community and the WonderPals knows no bounds and it's that same love and passion which will continue to drive me when it comes to the development and growth of this project.I hope to make you all proud "

Thank you pals for your continued support!!!

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WonderPals HIGJS_#1419

Hey Pals!

WonderPal holders can now verify in the Binance NFT Discord to receive the NFT Collector role which makes you eligible to enter their WL raffles! 🎟️

We are excited to continue building our relationship with Binance NFT and we look forward to joining them for a Twitter space soon

Be sure to say HI! - https://twitter.com/TheBinanceNFT/status/1629024574007308289

Friendly reminder - It’s fee free and gasless to buy and trade WonderPals on Binance NFT



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